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Why did America not fight fascism?

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America Freedom to Fascism - 2006 was released on: USA: 28 July 2006 (limited) Greece: 12 October 2007 (Panorama of European Cinema)

Fascism was practiced in Italy

the person who advocated fascism is your mom

He fought for America in its fight from England.

France didn't really fight they helped fight

an interesting fact about fascism is that fascism caused the boming of guernica which piccaso did a famous painting aabout

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YES. Fascism is run dictatorially.

Fascism was rooted in extreme NATIONALISM.

AARF is either an abbreviation for Anti-American Anti-Fascism and the Race Release Fight Committee, or it can be used as an onomatopoeia for the sound of a dog.

Capitalized; such as: The global threat of Fascism is ever-present.

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Fascism supports private enterprise. A+

Feudalism and Fascism are not the same, and are pretty dissimilar.

Fascism is NOT a VERB... It is a NOUN! So it does not have a past tense.

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