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Slavery, though still existing in a variety of ways, was a common, global practice when the colonists arrived. Economics is one reason: the colonists actually DID believe that African Blacks are the best workforce for picking cotton, tobacco and sugar cane. And the African tribal leaders were offering this free workforce at an insanely cheap price.

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Q: Why did Americans practice slavery?
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What practice led to slavery in Georgia?

They needed more farmers so they borrowed enslaved African Americans from South Carolina. Then slavery increased in Georgia.

What did most African Americans do during slavery to practice their religious beliefs?

They went to white churches or held their own services in secret.

What did most African Americans do to practice their religious beliefs during slavery?

THey went to white churches or held their own secret sessions

What During slavery what did most African Americans do to practice their religious beliefs?

THey went to white churches or held their own secret sessions

During slavery what did most African-Americans due to practice their religious beliefs?

They went to white churches or held their own services in secret.

Were people who wanted land be closed to the practice of slavery?

Abolitionists were people who wanted land to be closed to the practice of slavery.

What are two sentences for the word slavery?

Slavery is free labor (African Americans). Slavery is work done by African Americans without getting paid.

What are 5 reasons why Mexico banned further settlement of Texas by Americans?

The principal reason was that Mexico feared (correctly) that Americans would become an overwhelming majority in Texas, thereby imposing their culture (and their practice of slavery, which was illegal in Mexico).

Where did freed African Americans go after slavery ended?

wherw did freed African Americans go after slavery ended

How did slavery affect the native americans?

Slavery actually had a massive impact on the Native Americans. The first effect that slavery had was exposing the natives to people of darker skin color.

How can one relate racism to the practice of slavery in early American history?

Minority groups such as Africans and Native Americans were often enslaved purely because of the color of their skin or their culture.

Wasn't the first black man to be sold as a slave sold by another black man?

Many African Americans were sold into slavery by other Africans. Slavery was a common practice in Africa, so they sold slaves to the Europeans and took part in the slave trade.

Why did some Americans oppose slavery?

Americans opposed slavery for religious reasons. The majority of northern Americans did not believe that one person should own another person.

Was there ever a time before slavery when white people didn't care about African Americans and what they did?

In the time before slavery, there were no African-Americans.

What differing views did Americans have of slaverly?

Numbers of Americans supported slavery, and some loathed slavery.

Can a woman be a master?

Yes, during the institution of slavery African Americans had to refer to their master's wives of "lady friends" as mistress and this practice had also been practiced for before that era of time.

What was a result of the fact that people convicted of crimes could be legally forced to work?

Many African Americans were returned to a state of slavery. Southern states and private businesses use convict-leasing to force prisoners to work and then make profits off of their unpaid or underpaid labor.

Did slavery end yet?

well there was no slavery for African Americans after the civil war but there there is still slavery out there in the world today

How did slavery start for African Americans?

When did slavery begin ? slavery started in 1619 with servants in Jamestown

Were did slavery occur?

Slavery has occured since mankind stood upright. All tribes of all nations at some time used slave labor, including those referred to as "Native Americans", who enslaved captured members of other tribes. No country in the world can rightly claim to have never had slavery. In present times, it is mostly the "third world" countries who still practice physical slavery. Economic slavery is practiced mostly by dictatorships.

Is the practice of owning other people?

The practice of owning other people is called slavery.

What else was happening when the blues began?

Slavery of the African-Americans by Americans.

Most tribal agents favored the side of the?

The majority of the tribal agents favored the Confederates. Slavery was an accepted practice among the Native Americans, therefore it stands to reason they would have favored the confederacy.

Which wouldย notย have been an early goal of the Knights of Labor?

To end the practice of slavery To get better health insurance

The 13th Amendment abolished what practice?