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Why did Andrew Carnegie argue in favor of monopolies?

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Andrew Carnegie argued in favor of monopolies because too much competition can be disadvantageous to business owners. The other smaller companies will take more of the market share.

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andrew carnegie

Which of the following individuals would least favor the expansion and modernization o the American navy in the late 1800s?

Andrew Carnegie

How does carnegie reject socialism?

Andrew Carnegie opposed public and co-operative ownership of the means of production, worker's self-management, and was in favor of retaining the profit system and market exchange in capital goods. He was clearly in favor of some form of capitalism.

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Why natural monopolies exist?

They don't exist...monopolies are caused by government intervention in the market. Excessive regulations, permits, fees etc. create barriers to entry for competitive entrepreneurs, and there is often times legislation passed in favor of large corporations. A truly competitive free market does not have monopolies.

What did James Madison argue in Federalist 10?

C.) in favor of a republican form of government.

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Is Andrew Carnegie a robber Barron?

he is in the sence that he controlled the steel industry and made it a monoply to his favor so that he could charge more and paid his workers very little but he was also a captin of the industry because he gave back in many ways such as colleges and carnige theatere in NYC and many other things like that

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More people were in favor of eliminating slavery than in the past.

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