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Why did Anglican start?

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2010-08-14 10:33:31

Anglicanism is simply the ancient Catholic Church, the Body of

Christ in Britain! It was brought here in the ,'mists of time,'

by,it is said, the brother of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ,S.

Simon Zelotes.! There are no photo graphs or government records,

but we do know that Christianity was here at a surprisingly early

date and S.Dorotheus of Tyre, [Saint and Martyr] 303 Ad tells us

so! The first Bishop of our Church being a friend of S.Paul's,

mentioned in the Epistle to the Romans, Aristobulous.

It was and is an out showing of the Catholic Church of the first

thousand years, before the split between East and West! Originally

it was named simply the Church, but later there was a split between

Celtic and Christians who were less isolationist. The latter became

known as Anglicans by the eighth century to differentiate between

the two sides, It was about 200 yrs later that the two sides

rejoined and the name has remained ever since naming the ancient

catholic church in this country!

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