Why did Anne Boleyn marry King Henry VIII?

Henry the VIII married Anne Boleyn mainly for two reasons: first, because he wanted a male child (Catherine of Aragon was too old to give birth again) and because he was madly in love with Anne.

He couldn't get a divorce because his first wife (Catherine Of Aragon) had not done anything wrong, so he made the Church of England so he could marry Anne Boleyn.

Anne wouldn't be his mistress, she wanted to be his wife, so he agreed to marry her and get a divorce from Catherine. He also thought that because she was young, she could produce a male heir.

Henry VIII wanted a son, something which his first wife Katherine had failed to provide him with. Katherine gave Henry a daughter, Mary. Henry became obsessed with Anne, who refused to become his mistress and would not sleep with him until they were married. Henry believed that Anne would give him a son, and so he divorced Katherine, declared their daughter Mary illegitimate and married Anne.

King Henry VII needed a male heir and she believed she could provide him one and that it was a good way to prove that she was more than just a girl.