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Kokoda is an area of Papua New Guinea, Australia's nearest northern neighbour. If the Japanese had taken control of P.N.G and more importantly the capital city of Port Morsby which has a deep water port they would have been able to strike at the Australian mainland. So it was deemed in Australia's best interests to try and stop the Japanese along the Kakoda track.

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Q: Why did Australia fight at Kokoda?
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Who did Australia fight at Kokoda?


Why did Australia fight in Kokoda?

To repel a Japanese attack on Port Moresby.

Which nations were involved in the Kokoda trail?

Countries involved in the Kokoda Track were Australia and Japan.

What was the Kokoda fight?

The action on the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea which turned back the Japanese attempt to capture it in 1942.

Why was the kokoda track and important turning point in the war for Australia?

The Kokoda Campaign was where tens of thousands of Australians fought and died to defend Australia against the onslaught of the Japanese invasion.

Does gallipoli overshadow kokoda?

Although popular belief is that Gallipoli is better than Kokoda, many like me and lachy and Amelia disagree. Gallipoli was half way across the globe and kokoda was much closer to home and Australia and an imminent invasion threat. Gallipoli was also a stupid failure while kokoda was a legend. As i like to say Gallipoli made Australia, Kokoda saved Australia. Cam xoxo Gossip girl <3

What were the dates of Australia's involvement in the Kokoda track?

See the Related Link 'Battle For Australia' to the left for the answer.

What were the reasons for the Kokoda Campaign?

the main purpose of the kokoda campaign was to stop the Japanese from invading Australia. If the Japanese overtook Port Morseby, they would be close enough to easily invade Australia.

What was Australia's aim at Kokoda?

To stop the Japanese capture of Port Moresby.

Australia fought on which trail in Papua New Guinea?

The Kokoda Trail.

What weapons were used during the fight at Kokoda?

There were several different types of weapons used during the fight at Kokoda. The main ones used were gas chambers and crematories where the people were burned alived.

Why was the battle for the kokoda track such a significant event in the war against japan and in Australia's history?

How many people died in the kokoda trail battle

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