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Well Bob Marley smoked it because he wanted to bring peace & harmony to the world. And that's why he made the song one love and lots of other ones to.

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Did Bob Marley actually smoke weed?


Is Bob Marley the king of weed?

Nobody is king of weed, but yes he did smoke lot of weed. :)

What kind of weed does Bob Marley smoke?

i think it was lambs breathe

Did Bob Marley use cocaine?

Bob did not use any drugs, he only smoke weed

Did Bob Marley smoke weed?

yes he did. It is just another name for cannabis.

What did Bob Marley do before he became a singer?

smoke weed all day

Did Bob Marley smoke tobacco?

yes but only sometimes he smokes pot (weed).

When did Queen Elizabeth approved bob Marley smoking marijuana?

Bob Marley was allowed by Queen Elisabeth to smoke weed anywhere in the UK or the Commonwealth.

How much weed did Bob Marley smoke?

a lot. but not enough to kill him because hes still alive.

Does Bill Gates smoke weed?

Yes, he smokes weed. Didn't you see the video with bob marley. Bill gates was smoking weed with him a long time ago.

Who discroverd weed?

bob Marley

What did Bob Marley worship?


How did Bob Marley influence people's perspective on life?

He taught them it's ok to smoke weed, crack and get high.

Did Bob Marley have a weed tree?


Was Bob Marley healthy?

no as he smoked weed

Who influenced Bob Marley to sing?


What Bob Marley use drugs?

bob Marley was braught up to be a rasta and in jamacia weed is like grass to them they can walk around and pick weed out the ground so he smoked weed

Why did Bob Marley start smoking marijuana?

Bob Marley started smoking weed when he was 15 because its is religion

Who would win in a fight bob marly or a huge bag of weed?

A big bag of weed would easily overcome Bob Marley because Bob Marley would get so high from the weed that he would simply collapse.

Did Bob Marley do weed?

Are u serious! YESSS

Who were the first weed smokers?

bob Marley and hippies

What was Bob Marley renowned for?

Music and weed....alot of it.

Did Bob Marley smoke pot?


What did Bob Marley smoke?

he smoked the bong

What did miley say after the Bob Marley theme birthday cake had been brought out?

Immediately after her Bob Marley-themed birthday cake had been brought out, Cyrus said, "You know you're a stoner when your friends make you a Bob Marley cake. You know you smoke way too much f****n' weed."

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