Why did Bret Hart wear pink?

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Hearts are pink, and his last name was heart, so he wore pink for name purposes.
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How can you contact Bret Hart?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nYou can contact Bret Hart at his official webssite http://www.brethart.com or his office address in Calgary is Suite 150, 406-917 85th Street SW, Calgary, Alberta

Is Bret Hart coming back?

No he's done with in-ring action. He may show up, like The Rock, but won't wrestle again. Answer NO he's living in Italy and said he doesn't want to get back to wrestling Answer LIVING IN ITALY ARE U FUKKED HE LIVES IN CALGARY IN CANADA AND HE'S BEEN INDUCTED IN THE HALL OF FAME 2006 ONE NIGHT ( Full Answer )

Will Bret hart come back?

Sadly, no, Bret Hart won't be back in a wrestling capacity. Bret suffered a devastating career-ending concussion while in the ring with Bill Goldberg on December 19, 1999 at WCW's Starrcade pay-per-view. Earlier injuries suffered that day may have contributed to the severity of the concussion. Th ( Full Answer )

Is Bret Hart married?

Hart Married Julie Smadu-Hart. Bret And Julie Have Four Children: . Jade Michelle Hart, . Dallas Jeffery Hart, . Alexandra Sabina Hart, . And Blade Colton Hart. Bret And Julie Separated In May 1998, And They Eventually Got Divorced On June 24, 2002, Just Hours Before Bret Suffered His ( Full Answer )

Why did Bret Hart leave WWF?

Bret Hart did not retire because he got too old. he left for personal issues with vince McMahon and he wrestled for wcw before retiring, get it right! Answer he got to old Answer maybe he diddn't want to die like his brother Owen.

How old is Bret Hart?

US wrestler Bret Hart, aka The Hitman , is 60 years old(birth date July 2, 1957).

How did Bret hart get a concussion?

Bret Hart . He suffered a fatal injury which lead to a concussion in a match with goldberg on WCW.. This carrer-ending injury lead to his retirement,a few weeks later..

Is Bret Hart dead?

Bret Hart is not dead but you can get to meet him in the stadium when he's meeting his old fans. You can go to his website,it's: http://www.Bret Hart.com .

What is the song in the Bret hart DVD?

If you are refering to the tribute video featured on the three disc DVD set, the name of the song is "You Start The Fire". While it clearly isn't performed by Bret Hart, it's his name that appears on the WWF The Music - Vol. 2 CD.

Did Bret Hart kill Owen Hart?

How in the hell would Bret kill Owen? Owen was descending to the ring on a strap, and it broke. Then he sadly fell to his death. R.I.P Owen.

Bret Harte Middle School?

Bret Harte is the biggest middle school in Oakland, California with many gangster wannabes, etc. They will jump you hard if you get into their business and if you decide to mess with anyone. If you are new, let me give you a hint on something. You will regret going there because they have about twen ( Full Answer )

Why Bret Hart divorced Julie Hart?

I THINK it was because he spent so many years away from home and Julie was raising 4 children by herself. Bret used to have relationships with other women too, but I don't think Julie knew about them at the time of divorce. His book explains better than I can.. ---------. Update:. I'm compl ( Full Answer )

Why did Bret Hart retire?

Goldberg hit him with a big boot that caused a stroke to occur and ended his career.. Feb 2009. Wrong! He was in a bicycle accident that caused the stroke and they doctors have said if he was to get hit in the head it could cause him to be paralized or cause death.

Is Bret hart single?

Right now, yes, he is single. After divorcing his wife, he married an Italian woman named Cinzia but they divorced after two years because they couldn't agree on where they should be living together (Italy or Canada).

What is Bret harts kids names?

Jade Michelle Hart (born March 31, 1983); \n. Dallas Jeffery Hart (born August 11, 1984); \n. Alexandra Sabina Hart (born May 17, 1988), nicknamed "Beans"; \n. Blade Colton Hart (born June 5, 1990).

Is Bret hitman hart dead?

no he is not dead my niece was hanging out with him on the weekend June 2010

Is Bret hart dating?

he is dating a woman name debi mcconnel. this is what i have heard he is plaining to see her soon.

Did Bret hart smoke crack?

Bret Hart has been suspected of using cocaine and steroids duringthe 1980's and 1990's. However, he no longer uses these drugs.

Is Bret hart Jewish?

This is the first that I have heard of it, so I'm guessing no.. Plus, I don't think Jewish people like violence.... Cafekko >.

How much does Bret Hart weigh?

Bret Hart is currently retired and is not an active wrestler. He retired in the year 2000 and has been away from the ring ever since as an active competitor. While he was a wrestler, he was billed at a weight of 234 pounds and a height of 6 ft 1 inches. He is a former WWE and WCW Champion and has he ( Full Answer )

What school did Bret Harte go to?

The school Bret Harte went to was never named. He finished hisformal education when he was just 13 years old.

Is Bret Hart alive?

yes.he just made his return as a guest gm of raw .will he be on raw tonight?most say yes bot maybe!!

What is the code to unlock Bret hart?

It is DCH2D-VW7WP-9KFJJF-CDMR6-76BH8 all you need to do is to sign in to Xbox live Dashboard. Then press the Xbox guide button and navigate two blades to the left to marketplace. Then select redeem code and enter the 25 didgit code above.

Will Bret hart be at WrestleMania 26?

Well if you really think about that is why McMahon low blowed him rather than bringing closure to a long time beef to keep it going which will probably bring the two together to fight at Wrestlemania. Or Bret might be given a role of bringing the Hart Dynasty up to main event status as their manager ( Full Answer )

When did Bret Hart leave wrestling?

He retired in 2000 but return to host monday night raw in janauary of 2010 after twleve years of leaving the wwe after the monteral screwjob but will return on monday 12/1/10 after john cena said that he diserved to return after what happen a few weeks ago when vince kicked him in the balls

Is The Hart Dynasty related to Bret Hart?

Natalya is the niece of Bret. DH Smith is Natalya's cousin. And Tyson Kidd and Natalya are dating. Plus, Tyson grew up with the Hart Family.

How do you unlock Bret hart in svr10?

You can't, he is not an unlockable or playable wrestler in the game. The only way you can play as him is if you create him yourself.

Is Bret harts son a wrestler?

i dont know about his son but i think that the guy in hart dynasty is his nephew or something

When did Bret hart parents die?

Stu died on October 16, 2003 for many reasons and I'm not really sure what day she died or how she died but she died in 2001.

Did Bret hart sleep with sunny?

This was a persistent rumor in the WWF during 1997. According to Bret Hart's book "Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling", he says that he never slept with Tammy "Sunny" Sytch. As he is very open in this book about his numerous affairs with other women during his wrestling career, o ( Full Answer )

Is Bret Hart an Twitter?

You can get a list of WWE superstars who are legitimately on twitter at WWE.com

What is Bret Hart address in Cananda?

Bret Hart's address is in Cananda because he holds a dual citizenship with both the U.S.A and Cananda according to wikipedia.

What happened to bret the hitman hart?

he was going to retire. on his last match he was challenging HBK. I think HBK was doing the sharpshooter. idk i 4got, sorry. Bret Didnt Tap Out , But Mr.McMahon told them to ring the bell. The Chairman Didnt want Bret to win his last match. that was also known as "The Screw job"

What is Bret hart number?

Sorry but that is personal information that is not given out to the public anyone that post a number on here saying it is Bret's phone number is a liar

Does Bret hart take steroids?

No, he could never use Steroids because every single one of the wwe superstars get checked by profesional doctor's. Only wwe superstar that has used steroids is Drew Mcintyre.

Why is Bret Hart important?

Bret Hart is important to wrestling in several ways, which I will try to outline for you here: Early in his career, he was a major draw for his father's wrestling promotion, Calgary Stampede Wrestling. It was here that he met several wrestlers who would train with his father and wrestle for the pro ( Full Answer )

Is Bret hart and edge friends?

yes Bret and edge are friends but they just pretend like there aren't for the entertainment of wwe

Who hates Bret hart?

no one hates Bret he rocks dude but everyone LOVES JOHN CENA the champ is here

Is Bret hart on WWE 2011?

No but there is a game pack you can purchase that comes with Bret hart on it

Is Bret Harte dead?

Bret Hart is not dead but you can get to meet him in the stadium when he's meeting his old fans. You can go to his website,it's: http://www.Bret Hart.com .

How Bret hart brother died?

he took to many paracetamol then he was constapated and couldnt take anything so he had a heart attack and died on the shatter.

How old is Bret Harte?

Bret Harte was born on August 25, 1836 and died on May 6, 1902. Bret Harte would have been 65 years old at the time of death or 178 years old today.

What books did Bret Harte write?

Bret Harte was an American writer and poet. He died in 1902. Some of his books are The Heathen Chinee, Urban Sketches, Devil's Ford and Under the Redwoods.