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Britain and the U.S. joined together first for the purpose of advancing the economy. France joined the 'Bizone' to form the 'Trizone' two years later.

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Q: Why did Britain France and the US join their sections to form West Germany?
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What countries unified their sections of Germany to form West Germany?

Britain, USA and France

What countries occupied West Germany after World War I?

West Germany, as such, was a creation of WW2, occupied by Britain, France & the US.

What countries were in West Germany after world war 2?

France, Britain and the United States occupied Germany in the west after World War 2.

What countries occupied West Germany after World War 2?

Britain, France and the U.S.

Is France to the east or west of Germany?

West of Germany are Belgium and Netherlands, not France. East of Germany it is Poland. France is South-west of Germany.

The German Ferderal Republic or West Germany was composed of the areas occupied?

britain, the u.s., and france

The German Federal Republic or West Germany was composed of the areas occupied by .?

Britain, the U.S., and France

At the Yalta Conference what did the allies agree to?

that Germany will be divided into sections monitored by France, England, America, and Russia. This will later be called west (France, England, America) and east (Russia) Germany

Why was Germany partitioned?

Germany was partitioned into West Germany and East Germany after its defeat the Second World War. West Germany was under the influence of the US, Britain, and France, and East Germany was under Soviet influence.

What is France located next to?

Its neighbors include Spain (to the south-west), Germany, (to the noth-east) and Britain (to the north-west).

What did the yalta conference form?

It 'formed' Germany into two independent sections, The East and the West. The East was Governed by Russia, and the West by the US, France and England.

Who was in the western front in World War 1?

Germany on the eastern part, Great Britain and France on the west.

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