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Why did Britain not fall to Germany during World War 2?

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Because Germany did not invade the British mainland. == ==

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Which country did not fall to the Nazis during world war 2?

Great Britain did not.

Immediately following the fall of Poland?

france and britain declared war on Germany

When and how did the Nazi party fall in Germany during World War 2?

Dunno when, but After the fall of Hitler, the German people said no more totalitarian hose head for us

What part of Germany was under communist rule during World War 2?

Germany did not fall under Communist rule until after WW2. After WW2 East Germany fell under Communist rule.

Why did Britain declare war on Germany in World War 1?

The specific reason was that German forces invaded Belgium on their way to France. Britain, France and Prussia (the key forerunner of Germany) had guaranteed Belgian neutrality in 1839 (and again in 1875). Moreover, Britain was an ally of France and was not willing to let a substantial part of the coast opposite Britain fall into unfriendly hands.

When did Germany fall out of world war 2?


How did the fall of France and the battle of Britain lead to all out war in Europe?

The Battle of Britain happened AFTER most of Europe had already been conquered by Germany.

Did the Battle in Britain take place during World War 2?

During World War II, in the summer and fall of 1940, what is now known famously as "The Battle of Britain" took place between Germany and Great Britain. The battle consisted of daily clashes of large groups of warplanes in the skies above Great Britain, the English Channel, and sometimes even of occupied France. Against very steep odds, the British air force succeeded in maintaining control of British airspace and, thus, prevented a German invasion of the island.

The first allied country to fall to the Germans during World War 2.?

Poland was the first Allied country invaded & defeated by Germany in WW2.

Why did Great Britain get involoved in World War 1?

The official reason was the German invasion of Belgium. In addition, Britain was to all practical intents and purposes the ally of France. Moreover, Britain didn't want to be dwarfed by Germany or let the coast opposite fall into unfriendly hands. Joncey

What would happen if Sir Winston Churchhill Died during World War 2?

To simply put it, if Winston Churchill was died or was killed during WW2, Britain would fall raver quickly. This is because Winston Churchill was a powerful and motivated speaker, which made good decisions for Britain during World War 2. Britain wouldn't stand a chance if it wasn't for Winston Churchill and his experiences.

Who was involved in the phony war?

The countries involved were Great Britain, France and Germany. The Phony War was actually not a war, but a lull in World War 2 which occured after the fall of Poland to Germany. Great Britain and France remained officially at war with Germany, but neither side made any great military moves toward the other, so it was called the Phony War.

Why was the Fall of France important to World War 2?

The Fall of France in 1940 meant that Germany had access to the Atlantic Ocean, circumventing the British blockade of Germany.

What was the first country to fall to Germany in World War 2?


When did France fall to Germany World War 2?

June22, 1940

When did france fall during world war 2?

Germany invaded France beginning on May 10th, 1940. Paris was captured by Germany on June 14th, and France signed an armistice (surrender) on June 22nd, 1940.

Was Greece axis allies or neutral?

During World War II, Greece briefly opposed both Italy and then Germany before being overcome in the spring of 1941. Great Britain supplied military aid, including ground and air forces, to Greece as it was being invaded by Germany but this was insufficient to prevent the country's fall. It was occupied by Axis forces until its liberation in 1945.

What was Hitler's first major defeat in World War 2?

Operation Barbarossa was Germany's first major defeat, Germany was hoping by end of 1941 or 194 latest that the USSR would fall and Germany would force britain to submit and possible including america.

What was the impact of World War 1 on the international system and the major empires of the world in particular?

fall of Germany

What was Fall of France?

It normally refers to the invasion & defeat of France by Hitler's Nazi Germany between 10 May - 22 June 1940 during the Second World War.

How was World War 2 started?

World War 2 was officially started on September 1, 1939 with the German invasion of Poland, although the groundwork for the war had been laid years earlier. The previous alliance between Germany and the USSR doomed Poland. Yet, Poland had two world powers (France and Great Britain) as allies, and they remained at war with Germany after the fall of Poland.

Did the US National Debt Fall During The World War 2?


How had warfare changed during World War 1 to increase the threat to Britain in World War 2?

WW1 had shown how very vulnerable Britain was to hostile submarines in the Atlantic, and the development of bombers had made much of Britain vulnerable. After the fall of France, the enemy was much nearer and could easily use airfields in Belgium and France. The whole coastline opposite Britain, from the Arctic Circle to the border between France and Spain was in enemy hands. Joncey

Why did Great Britain decalre war on Germany?

The British were a part of the Anglo-Polish military alliance, an agreement between several countries, including England, France, and Poland. When the Germans invaded Poland in the fall of 1939, Great Britain gave the Germans an ultimatum to pull all of their troops out of Poland immediately, but Germany ignored them. A day later, Great Britain and France declared war on Germany, as they had agreed to do as part of the military alliance.

Who were the major leader of world war2?

During World War II, the world was divided between the Allied and the Axis powers. The Allied Powers consisted primarily of the United States, Great Britain, and Russia. The Axis Powers consisted primarily of Germany, Italy, and Japan. The national leader of the United States for the majority of the War was President Franklin D. Roosevelt. At the end of the war the nation was lead by President Harry Truman. Great Britain's Prime Minister during the war was Winston Churchill. Russia's leader was Joseph Stalin. The leader of Germany during the majority of World War II was Adolph Hitler. At the end, for the fall of Germany their leader was Admiral Karl Dönitz. Italy's leader was Benito Mussolini. Japan's leader was Hirohito also known as Emperor Shōwa. The major allied military leader during World War II was General Dwight David Eisenhower.

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