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Well, there once was a prince who's name was Siddhartha Gautama who lived inside his palace for his whole life until his was either 30 or higher. He never saw a dead person, never saw someone suffer. One day, he decided to travel outside to see what it was like. He saw an old man with no home, and he saw men who died. He wanted to figure out why everything was like that. So he wandered around for seven years hoping to find out why everything was like that. He meditated under a fig tree for 49 days to help him understand.

Once he figured it out, her traveled across India for 45 years, and shared his knowledge. He figured out that in order to prevent those things he thought this is what you should do.

Must act Unselfishy

treat people fairly

aviod violence/killing.

People began to follow the Prince, and they started to call him Buddha.

They worshiped him like a god, and then this is how Buddhism became a religion.

Buddha (aka the prince) Created a path called the eightfold path. This is what you had to do.

Then, once he found followers, and everything he did, and his law become a religion. So really, Buddhism started because the Prince wanted to find answers, and when he did, he wanted to prevent all the bad, so he stared the religion, Buddhism.

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Q: Why did Buddhism start?
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What civilization started Buddhism?

a civilization did not start Buddhism it was siddhartha gautama who originally started Buddhism!

When did buddhism start and what is buddhism holy book?

what is the religions book in Buddhisms

Were did Buddhism start?


Which country did Buddhism start?


Where was the religion Buddhism start?

by meat

What city did Buddhism start?


In what country did Siddhartha Gautama start Buddhism?

Buddhism was started in India. It is a southasian country

What continent did Buddhism start on?

Buddhism started in South Asia. The country is India.

When did Buddhism first start?

Buddhism began over 2500 years ago, in what is now Nepal.

Where did Buddhism religion start?

In India and Nepal.

In which country did Zen Buddhism start?


When did the religion of Buddhism start?

500 BC

Where in India did Buddhism start?

In maghada, India

Which coutry did Buddhism start in?

india------its that simple

Where did buddhis start?

Buddhism started in India.

Which Indian city did Buddhism start?


What year was the start of Buddhism?

624 bc

When did Buddhism start and end?

Well Buddhism start in approximately 563 BC and it has never ended. Buddhism is the 4th largest religion in the world and is growing faster than many other religions in Europe and North America.

When did buddism start?

Buddhism started about 2500 BC

What time period did Buddhism start?

about 623 b.c.

When in china did Buddhism start?

18000 years ago

Did Buddhism start in Japan?

It started in Taxilla, Pakistan.

Did Buddhism start in the Himalayas in Napal?

No, it started in India

Where did Buddhism start?

Buddhism was originated from Nepal in Asia and has now spread so that there are Buddhists in nearly every country.

What is the time period of Buddhism start?

The Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, formalized what we now call Buddhism around 528 BCE.