Why did Charlemagne not want to be crowned Emperor by the Pope in 800 AD on Christmas day?

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August 06, 2006 12:36AM

How do you get this idea? He was actually crowned on Christmas day of 800! His coronation created the Holy Roman Empire which existed until 1806! Historians dont actaully know weather or not he was pleased or displeased, but the contemporary account is that he was happy about his cornation becasue it would be useful to him having the imperoal title obviously, and was thankful to the church and the Papacy but also felt regretful for being viewed as a subject of the Papacy Charlemagne heartily disliked the Church and suspected trickery by the Pope. Incidentally, he wasn't crowned 'Holy Roman Emperor', just 'emperor'. The idea that he was the first Holy Roman Emperor is a much later fiction. The earliest mention of the Holy Roman Empire dates from about 1250.