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Why did Childrens Crusades happen?


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The Crusades happened when they did because the Muslims had tacken the holy city of Jerusalem in the 7th century


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The crusades started in 1095 and ended in 1291. They led to the decline of Feudalism.

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The Crusades were started because the the Muslims, Christians, and Jews all share the Holy Land of Israel, and the first crusade occured because the Christians were trying to recapture the holy land.

There are two types of crusades: the political crusades and the religious crusades. The crusades are used to win new converts and inform. Political crusades are usually used for power and fame.

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The Crusades to the Holy Land all happened during the High Middle Ages. There were later military actions also called Crusades that happened in other places. An example was the Hussite Crusade, which happened in Central Europe during the period of 1420 to 1434.

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The Crusades, and there were many of them in the Middle Ages, meant to keep the Holy Land, a Christian stronghold. It's great distance from Europe however, left it to Islamic peoples to dominate Jerusalem, as one example.

one is fighting over the Holey land and fighting over different views in religion

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