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because he is a nutcase.
because he was depresed

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Did Chris benoit kill his kid?

Unfortunately, yes. In 2007, Chris Benoit killed his wife, his son, and then himself. Chris was from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and was 40 years old when he killed himself.

Did chris benoit kill himself?

yes he hung him self in his workout room.

Did Randy Orton kill chris benoit?

No, Chris Benoit went into a roid rage, and killed his wife and son, and then hung himself, using his gym equipment in his home.

Who killed chris beniot?

Chris Benoit killed himself.

Did Chris Benoit die?

Chris Benoit killed his wife and young son, and then killed himself.

How did Chris Benoit relly die?

Chris Benoit shot himself after he shot his son and wife.

Did Kevin Sullivan kill chris benoit?


Why did chris benoit shoot himself?

He didnt shoot himself

Who killed chris benoit?

himself and his son

When will Daniel benoit die?

Daniel Benoit was killed on June 22, 2007, by his father, famous wrestler, Chris Benoit. Chris Benoit also killed his wife, and himself.

What happened to chris benoit family And how did he die?

Chris Benoit strangled him wife and son to death before hanging himself.

How did chris benoit lose his life?

He hung himself

Why did chris benoit commit murder and suicide?

Only Chris himself knows the answer to that.

Why isn't Chris Benoit wrestling?

Chris Benoit isn't wrestling because he is dead. He died on June 24, 2007 after hanging himself.

Did chris die?

Chris Benoit killed his wife and young son, and then killed himself.

How did chris benoit died?

Police believe that Chris Benoit killed his wife, his son, and then hung himself in his basement. An autopsy later performed on Chris revealed that Chris had the brain on an 85 year old man and many believed that Chris Benoit suffered from demetia.

What happened to Chris Benoit?

Chris Benoit killed himself, his wife, and young son in 2007. Please see the related link for more information.

Chris benoit what happened?

Him, his wife, and their 7-year-old son were murdered. ^By Chris himself.

What killed Chris Benoit and his family?

== == Chris Benoit killed his son and his wife and then when he realized what he had done he rested a bible next to his son and wife and then killed himself.

How did Chris benoit dead?

He murdered his wife and child, then killed himself.

Is chris benoit still alive?

No, he killed himself after murdering his wife and son.

Which wrestler committed suicide?

Chris Benoit killed himself and his wife and son.

How did chris benoit died an WWE superstar?

he killed his wife his kid and himself

Where is Chris benoit from?

Chris Benoit was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

What happen to chris benoit?

Chris Benoit died in 2007 I think.