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Chris Brown beat Rihanna up and didn't want to get back together with him.

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well I dont know all of it but chris brown and rihanna got into a fight and chris just hitted her and all the kids that love chris brown chris is not bad he is sweet but u should never stop liking chris brown.

TRUTHFUL ANSWER Rumors were saying that Leona Lewis and Chris Brown were together and than when Rihanna and Chris met Leona It seemed like they were flirting so that is when Rihanna got mad. Than in the car they were arguing and I forgot or something but RIhanna said something about Chris Browns mom being abused and that is when he got so angry and he just started to hit her and punch her and bite her and she cept on yelling stop. Than either he jumped out the car and ran away or he pushed rihanna out the care and drove off either way someone heard her crying and they called the police. And a hour later Chris Brown felt wrong so he turned himself in than got bailed out! And rumors say that cHris Brown and Rihanna are still dating but i believe they are just friends. Besides they be saying Chris brown is with Natiltie from girlicious!

stop these stupid questions because they are wrong. stupid a s s.

YES that dike needs to grow her hair back out and stop becoming jealous cause chris saw another girl that was prettier than her HA

yes it is obvious in the video the girl's hairstyle resembles rihanna andd we all know he loves him some rihanna'ahaa:] girl stop he made fo me

Man if keri Hilson is goin out the chris brown then I am goin to stop likin chris because I don't lik keri she is fake and he is not having a one nite stand with that ugly girl I lik Rihanna ova here

because nickki took her man back........

Chris Brown* That is up to him, not to us.

he stop public schools in 9th grade in virgina

because he beat the crape out of Rihanna but u know what LET IT GO that discussion was so Feb. just let it go then u won't have to worry about it and for some people stop bein a hater cause this is your name for the people that hate chris brown for all the people that LOVE Chris brown keep on loveing him because that's why he's where he is now in teens and kids hearts and that's where he should stay.

So far I think he only has 1 or 2. Of course the very famous one is where he beat up Rihanna and I can't remember the other one. Speaking of which I think he's better off without her, I just wish he would stop apologizing to her and realize that. Sorry if your a Rihanna fan but she bugs me.

yea she is shes a very light skinned person like her son and chris brown is the best singer there is!Im like such a big fan that its like i know every detail about him hes just so sexy and I only focus on him and his real name is christopher maurice brown and i know anybody could look that up its just on the internet but i do know that chris and rihanna had there disagreements but who cares rihanna is just an hypercrite and she need to stop liein on chris no matter what he did i dont care that he hit her at all she probably deserved it and umm chris brown is the sexyiest guy i evermet and i want to meet him i hope he come to akron to summit lake in ohio and come to 1140 lakehore blvd my name is jaaliyah semaj murry and im a huge fan but not the ones that drives the celebrities crazy aand make them mad.

No he didn't he still making songs apologizing to Rhianna

Are you kidding me? He misses her so so much! She misses him as well. Chris and Rihanna still love each other. And want to be together but they are afraid what the public would say. Even though nothing will stop them from reuniting and loving each other. I wish them the best and want to let them know to not be scared and listen to what people think. Everyone makes mistakes and deserves a second chance! So if Rihanna forgives him(which she already did) than we need to as well. Please get back. You guys are meant to be together and are soul mates!! Love you both!

stop worring bout dem cuis itz nun of yo business

Don't Stop the Music - Rihanna song - was created on 2007-09-07.

None of y'all Chris brown girl friend I am his real girlfriend we went out a the age of 12 now me and Chris. Brown is going to get Mary so don't hate bitchies dont get jealous you dumb bitchies he dont want y'all so stop hating if you response to this your jealous

Chris Brown is sexy and fine......he is my night and shinning harmor....he is my everything!!! AND SORRY CHRIS BROWN IS ALLLLLLLL MINEEEEE AND NO ONE ELSE SO GET THAT THROUGH YOUR MINE BECAUSE HE ANT GOING NO WHERE BUT IN 2 MY ARMS AND THATS THE REAL TRUTH SO I WANT ALL YOU HATERSS.....2 BACK OFF!! *~LOVE YOOH CHRIS*~!!Yes chris brown is one out of 100000000000 boys cuz he is way out of yo league hes my man not yours so stop thinken he yos

You should stop dating when you've found your true love. You shouldn't stop dating because you're eighty, you should stop when YOU think the time is right!

Rihanna published the song Please Don't Stop the Music on January 25, 2008. It was published by Michael Kerner.

'Shut up and drive'.. 'Please don't stop the music'.. 'Umbrella'.. there are many Rihanna songs..

nobody likes chris brown so y r u bothering to ask him out so chris brown doesn't like children he hates rihanna .he says she should go and marrie jayz because she is 2 face bout telling him that he is a 4 tyma but she cheats on him with jayz they have 2 kids and she sleeps wid him so don't bother yh u get it.they jus argue because she told him to do that so chris brown will think they ain't going out any way if beyonce finds out busted and chris brown ain't good enogh for u he is a player why do u wonder y he hasn't got childen and he will never have.rihanna is not good enough for jayz he is married she needs 2 stop playin with him RIHANNA U GOT UR MAN DONT HATE HIM(HE LOVES YOU ) U DONT APRICIATE HIM DO U ? he is gonna break up with u i wonder y u don't have kids with him come on . u need 2 kick off and have 1 child.(CHRIS BROWN IS CUTE AND U WASTE UR TYME ON HIM HE SHOUL BE MAKIN MORE SONG AND U 2 SHOULD BREAK UP ) HIM AND JORDAN SPARKES ARE PERFECT LEAVE HIM ALONE YH if your gonna play stupid games with him.rihanna chris brown hates u and dat is a fact you should back away u r sooooooooo rude laters. from susan+sally

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