Why did Columbine occur?

The Columbine tragedy occurred on April 20, 1999 because two of the school's seniors, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, individually had disfunctional and disturbed personalities and decided to punish the people in their community for their problems. Klebold was a typical underachieving, depressed teen who hated and blamed himself more than he hated or blamed others. Harris was a psychopath who would have eventually, on his own, wreaked havoc on the world he hated and the stupid, worthless people who inhabited it; he enjoyed hating, he enjoyed demeaning, and he enjoyed the idea of inflicting pain and suffering on others. Harris was also an adept liar. His friends and classmates reported that he lied about anything and everything. He enjoyed lying as much as he enjoyed hating and knew that it gave him an advantage. Authorities have gained a lot of insight into these personalities since their deaths because they not only left behind their websites and videos, but also journals chronicling their true feelings.

Their first encounter with law enforcement was in January 1998, they were charged with mischief, breaking and entering, trespassing and theft for breaking into a locked van and stealing property. They made such a good impression on the juvenile officers that they were offered to have their records cleared if they promised to stay out of trouble and participate in a diversionary program. The program is for first time offenders who accept responsibility and show remorse for the offense; the offense is non-violent and does not involve the use of a weapon; and the juvenile and his parents want to make reparation to the victims and the community.

Harris and Klebold fulfilled these requirements, including writing a heartfelt apology to the victim of the crime. Harris' journal, however, reflects his derision for the victim and the authorities; and both Harris and Klebold write of their anger at being arrested and how they will make people pay for this indignity.

Their next brush with authorities was March 1998, when the parents of classmate Brooks Brown's complained to the police that Eric Harris posted a death threat against their son on the Internet. affidavit for a search warrant, but the affidavit was never filed, and because the Brown's requested tJefferson County Sheriff's Office investigator Michael Guerra looked at the site and wrote a draft o remain anonymous for fear of retribution, the Klebolds and Harrises were not contacted.

At some point in this school year, a video made as a school project by the pair showed them walking through the corridors of the school wielding guns, killing everyone in their path. They were disappointed when their teacher had not allowed the video to be viewed by the rest of the school due to its violence. Some teachers had reported their concerns regarding the violent nature of the pairs writing but, no action could be taken against the boys. Despite the growing concern of many of their teachers, the Klebolds and Harrises claim that they had never been informed of their sons' behavior.

Over the next year, Harris and Klebold spent most of their free time working on their plan. The only people who were aware of some of their activities were selected friends they allowed to participate in some parts of their activities. Most of these friends did not know of the 'big picture'. For example, Robyn Anderson, an 18-year-old student at Columbine High School and friend of Klebold, had obtained guns for the pair at a Denver gun show and had been his date for the school prom just three days before the shooting. Subsequent investigation found no evidence that she had any knowledge of the plan.

It is impossible to say that if the right friend had told the right person what they knew, that the hidden pieces of the picture would have been put together and the outcome would have been different. Any of these teen cohorts may have imagined that Klebold and Harris would be the next Oliver Stone or creators of the next monster video game. Whatever these teens thought or believed at the time, they are living with the outcome for the rest of their lives also.