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Why did Confederate soldiers wear gray uniforms?

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Not all of them did. In the early years, many were in blue. Gray was relatively easy color to die cloth in and didn't require imported dyes to do it. Wool usually was some shade of gray after making cloth. At the start of the war, most of the uniforms were supplied under what was called the Commutation System (April 1861 - December 1861 / January 1862). These were uniforms procured either locally or nationally, with the Confederate Government agreeing to reimburse the cost. Many uniforms were issued by State authorities, some were from units that had been militia prior to the outbreak of hostilities. Many were made by local families for their sons, brothers, and husbands. There are cases of soldiers requesting items from home, as these first issue, or procured pieces, became useless. These tended to be items of need that were not met, usually socks, underwear, etc. The first depot jackets appeared around late 1861, spring of 1862. What was called the second depot jackets appeared from spring 1862 to mid 1864, whilst the third and final depot jacket was issued from early 1864 onwards to the end of the war. Confederate soldier's uniforms would often wear out or be badly torn and they would use the uniforms of the Union soldiers often causing problems as far as "who was the enemy." Grey uniforms were quite common during the early 1800's. Many military academies wore uniforms of this color. Since there were several military schools in the South, it was quite natural that they adopted this color. When dyes became scarce, Confederate manufactures restored to using a dye made of copperas and walnut hulls, which produced the color known as "butternut", that was a light brown. For excellent photos of uniforms, see "Echoes of Glory; Arms and Equipment of the Confederacy" by TIME-LIFE publishers.

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What kind of uniforms did confederate soldiers wear?

gray uinforms

What color uniforms did the soldiers of the Confederate army wear during the Civil War?

They wore gray uniforms.

What did the soldiers wear during the Civil War?

During the Civil War, the Confederate soldiers wore gray uniforms. The Union solders wore blue uniforms. They were usually called by their uniform color. The uniforms were usually made of wool.

What color uniforms did confederacy soldiers wear?

They wore Gray.

What color uniforms did the south wear in civil war?

Confederate soilders wore gray or yellowish-brown uniforms.

Why did the soldiers wear uniforms during the civil war?

Soldiers wore uniforms during the civil war so that they would know who was the union and confederate.

During the US Civil War what color uniforms did the Confederate soldiers wear?

The Confederates (south) wore gray and a color called Butternut, and the Union (north) wore a blue-gray more blue then gray type of uniform.

Did the US wear grey coats in the civil war?

The confederate soldiers (of the new Confederacy of the United States) wore grey uniforms versus the union soldiers who wore blue uniforms.

What color of uniforms did the confederate soldiers wear other than gray?

The color(other than gray) most often mentioned is "butternut" which was a shade of brown.The color was made by boiling nutshells,which would release the pigment(color), and then the fabric was immersed in it.

What color was confederate uniforms?

the varied between blue gray and tan. sometimes it was just whatever you had to wear when they couldn't get supplies fast enough

What uniforms did the soldiers wear in the Civil War?

The Union uniform was blue, the Confederacy uniform was gray. Other than the color, the clothing was quite simple and ordinary. Uniforms were not elaborate.

Do the confederate soldiers wear gray uniforms?

Yes - for most of the war. At the beginning, some of them wore blue, and this confused the Union artillery at Bull Run. The gunners held their fire until too late, and this helped to swing the battle for the Confederates.

Did soldiers wear camouflage during World War 1?

No, allied soldiers wore khaki uniforms (A shade of medium brown) and German soldiers wore blue/gray. -I believe the first to to wear camouflage were German paratroops in WW2.

What did the Confederate and Union troops wear?

Confederate-Gray Union-Blue

Did all union soldiers wear uniforms?


What color uniforms did the South wear on the Civil War?

The Southern (Confederate) Army wore grey uniforms.

What color uniforms did the south wear during the civil war?

purple.... it was a sign of roylty EDIT: Actually the Confederate Soldiers (CSA/The South) wore grey uniforms. The Union Soldiers (USA/The North) wore blue. I have absolutely no idea, where you're getting purple from...

What did world war 2 British soldiers wear?


Did the british wear gray uniforms in World War 1?

No. Brown. The navy and air force had blue uniforms.

What did the soldiers of World War 2 wear?

They wore uniforms with emblems.

What type of uniform did the buffalo soldiers wear?

Union army uniforms.

Did soldiers wear green or tan in world war 2?

Americans wore Tan uniforms and green uniforms

What do the soldiers in the Chinese army wear?

The dress uniforms are loosely based on Soviet Uniforms, while the current fatigue uniforms are the Type 07 digital pattern uniforms.

What color uniforms do the New York Yankees wear?

At home their uniforms are white with navy blue pinstriping. On the road their uniforms are gray with navy blue lettering.

What did sort of uniforms or clothing did soldiers wear at the Battle of Hastings?

They didn't wear uniforms in those days. Soldiers wore their own clothes and whatever armor they could afford or their lord provided for them. Michael Montagne

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