Why did Czechoslovakia split?

Czechoslovakia officially split into two countries on 1st of January 1993. There was no war, nor any sort of ethnic conflict preceding the split, the decision largely made by "political elites," namely Vaclav Klaus (Czech) and Vladimir Meciar (Slovak), who then proceeded to become Prime Ministers of the newly independent countries.
There was no referendum and opinion polls showed that people were largely ambivalent on the issue. The pro-split politicians in Slovakia argued that the split was necessary because Slovakia, the smaller part of the Czechoslovak Federation, was often neglected economically, the more important manufacturing factories placed in Czech Republic, while Slovakia's economy was based on agriculture and processing of raw materials. The two countries are historically different (the Czech republic historically part of Austria, while Slovakia was under Hungarian rule), have different (though quite similar) languages and are also dissimilar religiously, Slovakia overwhelmingly Catholic, while the Czechs have a large Protestant minority.
-Alicia <3