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Why did Eamon De'Valera send Michael Collins to the talks with the British government instead of going himself?

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Michael Collins was never sendt to England to talk with the British government, in fact it was Arthur Griffith with Collins merely as an deputy.

(The question and answer beneath seems to be based on the 1996 movie "Michael Collins" by Neil Jordan, not actual historical events.)

After Collins and de Valera's army had settled down with the British, Michael Collins was sent to England to settle the terms de Valera and himself wanted for Ireland. The reason that is thought to be for Collins going instead of de Valera is because de Valera in fact knew that he would not be able to free all of Ireland but a portion. So de Valera used Collins as a scape goat so the Irish people would hate Collins for not freeing all of Ireland not de Valera.

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Q: Why did Eamon De'Valera send Michael Collins to the talks with the British government instead of going himself?
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- Why didn't the British unite the whole of Ireland?

Because Eamon Devalera(irish president at the time) allowed the british to keep 6 counties, from the original 32,ultimately this led to the assassination of Michael Collins by anti treaty forces.

What was the Date that the British gave a Bounty on Michael Collins?

In 1920, the British government placed a bounty of ten thousand pounds on Michael Collins. Michael Collins had led guerrilla warfare against the English during the Anglo-Irish War (1919-1921 CE) and they wanted him captured dead or alive.

Did devalara have Collins shot who shot Michael Collins?

That is not known for sure, but is unlikely that it was done by DeValera. It is more likely to have been done by former colleagues who disagreed with Collins. He was shot in his own part of the country, so it is a likely explanation, but it is not known for certain. There are many theories.

Who are Ireland's famous politican?

John Hume Michael Collins Eamon DeValera Mary McAleese Bertie Ahern Martin McGuinness Charles Haughey Ian Paisley ...and many others.

Did Michael Collins keep a diary?

Michael Collins did keep a diary. Collins was the Chairman of the Provisional Government from January 1922 until August 22, 1922. He was also the Minister of Finance and Home Affairs.

Who was in Michael Collins?

Freedom fighter against the British who was killed in Battle. "The Big Fella".

Was Michael Collins liked by the English?

The British Government had disliked Michael Collins during the Irish War of Independence as they considered him and all the other I.R.A members to be murderers. However the British population in general had a great interest in Collins because although the name was quite well known, nobody knew what he looked like. Therefore when the Irish delegation that included Collins went to London to engage in treaty negotiations, there was a great excitement with the general British population. After Collins and the rest of the Irish delegates agreed to the Anglo-Irish treaty, Civil War broke out in Ireland. The Regular army were the army that were pro-treaty and they were led by Collins. The Irregulars were the anti-treaty army and they were led by Eamon De Valera. The British government supported the Regular army as they were pro-treaty so they gave the Regular army armaments and ammunition. At this point in time the British population would have preferred Collins to De Valera. To conclude, although the British government didn't particularly like Collins, they were able to co-operate peacefully up until the time of Collins' death during the Civil War.

Who are some of Ireland' s Famous People?

Literary/politics Oscar wilde James joyce padraig pearce Michael Collins devalera Sportsmen Stephen Roche Sean Kelly Jack charlton Roy Keane

Who opposed Michael Collins?

First the British until the Treaty - then the anti-treaty forces of the I.R.A.

In the Irish civil war who supported the treaty?

Michael Collins and his supporters who were in government at that time.

In history who was the most famous in Ireland?

There are many famous people in Irish history like Padraig Pearse, Michael Collins, Daniel O'Connell, Robert Emmet, Charles Stewart Parnell, Éamonn DeValera and many, many others.

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Who fought for the independence of Ireland?

Over the past 840 years many people have fought for Irish independence. Some of the well known ones would be: Padraig Pearse, James Connolly, Michael Collins, Wolfe Tone, Robert Emmet and Eamon DeValera.

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