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he did it to save Rapunzel from that evil Mothel Gothel who kidnapped Rapunzel when she(Rapunzel) was just a baby.

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Why did Mother Gothel cut Rapunzel hair?

Mother Gothel cut Rapunzels hair bcoz she found out that Rapunzel had gone out of the tower to watch the FLOATING LANTERNS.. If you dont know how to watch a movie THEN DONT WATCH ONE..Gosh o.O Sources: Tangled-2010

Why does Rapunzel in the movie tangled cut her hair?

she didn't cut it herself ( spoiler alert here ) Eugene cut it to save her from Mother Gothel who has been using Rapunzel's hair to stay forever young, in the beginning of the movie you will understand why

How can you stop your hair from getting tangled up in your necklaces?

Cut it shorter. ______________________________________________________________ I'd wear a ponytail.

How do you untangle badly tangled hair?

You wash it with conditioner and shampoo. After you rinsed it out, brush your hair in the shower. After you dried it, brush it again. And if it is still badly tangled, try the Take Down Remover product. Just don't lose hope and CUT your hair.

Who is the short haired brunette in the Adam and eve commercial?

It's rapunzel ( from tangled after Flynn rider cut off her hair with a sharp blade)

Why it important to check your hair cut?

if you let your hair grow and grow and grow then it can easily get tangled and things from dirt to bugs can get stuck in it, and if you try to brush your hair it will really hurt your scalp and you.Lesson: Always brush your hair! everyday! and cut it once every 2 to 4 months (unless your hair isn't long at all).

How do you get a circle brush out of your hair?

Well, if it is really tangled, then you might have to separate parts of your hair with your fingers first. If it is really stuck, you might have to cut your hair, but hopefully just separating it with your fingers will get you to the point of being able to remove it.

How do you get a comb out of your hair if it is tangled into it?

If a comb is stuck in your hair, try to cut little bits out of the comb, so it is easier to get the hair out. Get little pieces of hair out of the comb at a time. When the comb is out of your hair, your hair will be a little knotty so brush it out well. If you have detangling spray, spray that on your hair. This will work well.

How can you cut tangled dog hair?

Well, you can cut it but it is not advised to do so. If you really need to do so, then take your dog to a groomer. They will be able to do this more gently than scissors can. If your dog has very shaggy hair, you do very much want to take it to a groomer. If your dog has short to very short hair, then you can do it yourself if you have an electric shaver (used for guys hair). This is best. Do not wash your dog before you do this, it will only get it more tangled and will make it a lot harder to shave. If certain parts of your dog are tangled, try to get it out with a soft brush or comb for dogs. If that is not possible, you may have to shave your dog totally.

What part of hair is cut during a hair cut?

the 'lengths' of your hair will be cut.

Why do Sikhs wear turbans covering there hair?

A Sikh man is not allowed to cut his hair and the head must covered. Every man is to wear a turban. Covering long hair with a turban helps to protect it from becoming tangled, or coming in contact with pollutants.

What is the name of anushka sharma's hair cut?

There is not a name for this new hair cut of Anushka Sharma. In the hair cut, she sports a hair cut with bangs in the front.

Should you cut thick curly hair short?

No. That may be hard for some, like you girls! The hair can get easily tangled and hard to put up with. Hope this helps. you can but curly hair is cute.you dont have to get rid of them. if you dont like them then get rid of them.if you want to keep them go to a hair salon and get your hair thined out.

Did Lloyd cut his hair?

no.. after omarion cut his hair he said not to expect him to cut his hair no time soon

Who cut sakura's hair?

she cut her hair herself.

Did Lil Wayne cut his hair?

No he did not cut his hair

Did Harry Styles cut his hair?

No he did not cut his hair

Did harry style cut his hair?

No he did not cut his hair

Why did Queen Elizabeth I cut of all her hair?

In United States, you cut your hair. In Soviet Russia, hair cut you!

Why did Hannah Montana cut her hair?

Hannah Montana did cut her hair because she don't like long hair that's why she cut her hair.

Is short hair in style?

Short hair cuts are coming back into style and this summer is the time to cut your hair. The pixie cut is popular this season and so is the bob hair cut. The key is to have someone who is experienced with short hair cut actually cut your hair.

Does Rapunzel's hair ever grow back in tangled?

I'm not certain that it can. When she shows Flynn the lock of hair Gothel cut off when she was a baby, it was a very short piece of hair. I doubt her hair will grow back. It should be short forever. It's cute either way though! Flynn is an aspiring hair dresser! x)

Did Mitchel Musso get his hair cut?

Yes He Did Get His Hair Cut...

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