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Why did Europeans come to the New World?

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Answers 1. As economic migrants.

2. To flee religious persecution (or discrimination).

3. As political refugees.

4. Some people who had disgraced themselves in Europe went to

the New World to make a fresh start.

5. Until about 1820 many European countries were reluctant to

meet the cost of keeping people in jail, so sometimes people were

given the option of going to the New World instead of going to


6. Some sources also mention avoiding conscription. (After 1815

some European countries had compulsory military service in


8. Overpopulation.

Of course, various combinations of these reasons were


Note. Early Spanish settlement was mainly a matter of

empire building.

The Europeans wanted to find a new route to Asia to get spices

and silks but they gt lost and ended up in America then the civil

war started but america won and now we have our own freedom.

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