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Why did Europeans come to the New World?

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Answers 1. As economic migrants.

2. To flee religious persecution (or discrimination).

3. As political refugees.

4. Some people who had disgraced themselves in Europe went to the New World to make a fresh start.

5. Until about 1820 many European countries were reluctant to meet the cost of keeping people in jail, so sometimes people were given the option of going to the New World instead of going to prison.

6. Some sources also mention avoiding conscription. (After 1815 some European countries had compulsory military service in peace-time).

8. Overpopulation.

Of course, various combinations of these reasons were possible.

Note. Early Spanish settlement was mainly a matter of empire building.

The Europeans wanted to find a new route to Asia to get spices and silks but they gt lost and ended up in America then the civil war started but america won and now we have our own freedom.

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Why did Europeans leave their homes to come to the new world?

Europeans wanted to search lands unknown to them.

How did the Europeans explore the New World?

The Europeans explored the New World with ships.

When did europeans come to the new world?

Europeans began arriving to the new world in the 10th century. However, mass settling began in the 15th century with the Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus.

How did contact with Europeans change life in the New World?

Contact with the Europeans changed life in the new world by...?

Which voyages gave Europeans new knowledge of the world?

Which voyages gave Europeans new knowledge of the world?

What did Europeans hope to gain from exploring the New World?

What did Europeans hope to gain from exploring the New World

How did the europeans compete to claim lands in the new world?

how did the europeans complete to claim lands in the new world

When did Native Americans come to the new world?

They had been living there for thousands of years before any Europeans arrived.

What is the Columbian Exchange?

the changes that resulted from Europeans settling in the new world

What impact did the encroachment of Europeans have upon the New World?

The encroachment of Europeans had a huge impact on the New World. For example, the Europeans brought with them disease and pathogens with them, for which the indigenous population had no immunity to.

Did chickenpox come from the new world or the old world?

It is generally assumed that chicken pox was unknown in the new world until the Europeans arrived there. American Indians at least had not developed any resistence to it.

Why did the europeans come to new york?

so they can the land

Why did Europeans come to canda?

For the search of new land.

How come New York offer Europeans?

I sure hope they don't offer Europeans. New York banned slavery in 1799. Leave the poor Europeans alone.

Who called the Americas the new world?


When did the europeans claim the new world?


What do Europeans call the Americas?

The New World

Who brought Christianity and disease to the new world?

Europeans, although diseases did exist in the new world before the Europeans arrived. They just brought more.

What specific recourse did the Europeans want from the new world?

The Europeans wanted gold from the new world. Other desired resources were silver, copper and food.

Why did Europeans take Africans to the colonies of the new world?

Because other Africans sold them to the Europeans as slaves and the new world colonies needed workers.

What did Europeans take to the new world?

Two significant positive contributions Europeans brought to the New World were the wheel and horses. Europeans also brought diseases that the Natives in the New World have never been exposed to. The results were the deaths of many Native Americans

Who were the first europeans to come to New York?

Christopher Columbus

What were europeans motives for colonizing the new world?

The Europeans had three main motives for colonizing the New World. These motives were resources, money, and escape from religious persecution.

Why did europeans come to the Caribbean?

Europeans came to the Caribbean in search of ways to travel around North America. They also came to find treasure, such as gold, and to gain more land in the New World.

What plants did the Europeans introduce into the New World?

It was the other way around. The Europeans got foods/plants from the New World. Potatoes, chocolate, tomatoes, corn are some of the new foods.