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They had lost so many people in the first war, for no apparent national gain, that there was very strong political sentiment against waging another war if there were any possible way to avoid it. The Horror of war seemed far worse than any possible alternative to many people. Michael Montagne

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Who helped the France against Germany?


When did great Britain and France declare war against Germany and why?

Great Britain and France declared war on Germany in 1939, because germany had invaded land that Great britain had to protect for france.

Why did Britain and France go to war against Germany?

Because Germany attacked Poland.

Who fort against Germany in ww1?

Germany in the triple alliance with Austria Hungary against Britain, Russia and France

Facts about war ii Britain against Germany?

There was a deal between Germany and Britain that Germany will not attack France but Hitler break the deal and attacked France, hence Britain jumped into the world war 2.

Which countries were allied against Germany?

great britain, france, and russia.

When Britain and France adopted a policy of appeasement against Germany?


When did Britain and France declare war against Germany and why?

Britain and France declared war on Germany on September 3, 1939. The reason was because Germany had launched a military invasion of Poland two days earlier, even though Britain and France had told Germany not to do so.

How where britain and france drawn into war with germany?

Britain and France had a defence pact with Poland. When German forces attacked Poland on 1st September 1939, Britain and France demanded that they withdraw. Germany ignored the request, so on 3rd September 1939 Britain and France issued a joint declaration of war against Germany.

What two nations faced Germany in 1940?

Britain and France were the only two nations against Germany in early 1940 but only Britain in the second halve of the year as Germany successfully invaded France

What countries were against Germany in ww1?


What event made Britain and France to form an alliance with Poland?

When Germany invaded Poland, Britain and France had an agreement with Poland to come to Poland's aid should the country ever be invaded. As Germany refused to withdraw from Poland, Britain and France declared war against Germany.

Why did Britain and France take no action against Italian aggression?

Because they weren't sure they could win a war against the Italians, who had established ties with Germany. The Italian leader Mussolini dreamed of building a colonial empire in Africa like those of Britain and France, and had a formidable navy.

What prompted great Britain and France to declare war against Germany?

They said if Germany invaded Poland they would protect it [Poland]. however, Germany did invade Poland, so Britain and France declared war.

The attack of which country prompted Britain and France to declare war against Germany?


The US and Britain fought in northern Africa against?

Italy, Germany, and Vichy France.

Why did Britain and France?

This question needs more information. At a guess, Britain and France were allies during world wars 1 and 2, fighting against Germany (ww1) and Germany and Italy (ww2).

Why was Britain and France the cause of war in Europe?

Britain & France fought against Germany in WW1 & WW2. I think it might be difficult to find a way of establishing that Britain & France caused War in Europe.

What were three countries that sided against Hitler's Germany?

The three countries siding against Hitler's Germany were: Great Britain, France and the Soviet Union.

What event lead to the declaration of war by great Britain and France against Germany?

Both France and Britain declared war onto Germany after Nazi Germany Invaded Poland on September 1st 1939 in early hours of the morning.

Name of countries against Germany?

In the First World War, Great Britain, France, and Russia fought against Germany. Germany was part of an alliance called the Central Powers.

Russian allies World War 1?

Russia fought against Germany, as did France and Britain.

Which countries fought against Germany and austria Hungary in ww1?

Britain, France, Russia and America

Issued by Britain and France during world war 1?

A declaration of war against Germany.

How did Britain start war in World War 2?

By Nazi Germany invading Poland, and Britain's ally, France joining Britain in declaring war against Germany, which in turn led Japan to declare war against Britain and France, which then escalated the war from a pan European to Global (eventually).