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Why did France occupy the Ruhr in 1923?

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The French (and Belgians) claimed that Germany had defaulted on reparations by delivering 100,000 telegraph poles ten days late in January, 1923. The German government replied that weather conditions had been unusually bad in the last two months of 1922 and that this had caused the delay, a point accepted by Britain. However, the French (and Belgians) occupied the Ruhr. For some years the French had wanted to separate the Ruhr and the Rhineland from Germany and set up a satellite French state there. The occupation of Germany's industrial heartland was met by passive and active resistance. In some case where factories refused to let French troops in, the latter just sprayed the works with machine-gun fire without further ado. The occupation of the Ruhr united Germans right across the political spectrum, from the various nationalist groups to the Communists. The occupation and an earlier attempt by armed Polish groups to seize part of Upper Silesia in 1921 enraged the Germans even more than the Treaty of Versailles itself. The occupation triggered the final, frenetic round of Germany's post-World War I inflation, and by September and October 1923 prices were rising at 26% a day! France's action caused immense resentment in Germany. It was a flagrant attempt to go beyond the Treaty of Versailles. The occupation also led to a serious rift between France and Britain, as the British government dissociated itself from the French action, criticized France and withdrew co-operation in some spheres.

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Why did France occupy Germany's Ruhr Valley in 1923-?

France occupy Germany's Ruhr Valley in 1923 because Germany had fallen back in reparations .

What valley did France occupy in world war 2?

The Ruhr .

Why did France occupy Germany's Ruhr Valley in 1923?

France occupied Germany's Ruhr Valley in 1923, partly for the economic goods of coal, iron, and steel production, and partly to ensure reparations were paid in goods. The German mark was worthless, and Chancellor Wilhelm Cuno had failed to pay reparations after World War I.

Explain the immediate cause of hyperinflation in weimar republic?

The immediate trigger was the occupation of the Ruhr by France and Belgium in Janaury 1923. The Germans in the Ruhr responded with a general strike.

When Germany failed to pay reparations in 1923 France precipitated an international crisis by?

When Germany failed to pay reparations to France in 1923, France sent troops into the Ruhr. They went to extract raw materials and finished manufactured goods in exchange.

When germany failed to pay reparation in 1923 france precipitated an international crisis by?

Occupying the Ruhr in an attempt to force Germany to pay.

How did German reparations affect France?

When Germany failed to pay their reparation payments in 1923, France occupied the Ruhr. This caused an international crisis and a new payment plan, called the Dawes Plan, was implemented in 1924.

Wilfred Owen and France?

=He Moved to France in 1923==He Moved to France in 1923==He Moved to France in 1923=

When Germany failed to pay reparations in 1923 France precipitated an international crsis by?

France and Belgium invaded the industrial area called the Ruhr . It became known as the invasion of the Ruhr . They wanted to take the missed payments in goods but failed because German workers strike , refusing to work . However not producing goods worsened hyperinflation in Ger many

What has the author CONAN FISCHER written?

CONAN FISCHER has written: 'RUHR CRISIS, 1923-1924'

What led to hyperinflation in Germany in 1923?

The immediate trigger was the French (and Belgian) occupation of the Ruhr in January 1923, followed by the German campaign of passive resistance.

January 1923 Ruhr valley strikes Weimar support?

Non-cooperation and passive resistance were German government policy.

What is the Ruhr?

The Ruhr is a river in germany.

What caused hyperinflation in 1923?

The immediate trigger was the occupation of the Ruhr in January 1923 by the French and Belgians. Most of the background problems arose from Germany's failure to finance World War 1 properly and from reparations.

Who swam the English channel in 1920s?

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When was Rhein-Ruhr-Marathon created?

Rhein-Ruhr-Marathon was created in 1981.

What is Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis's population?

Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis's population is 334,451.

When was France Bučar born?

France Bučar was born in 1923.

How did the French occupation of the Ruhr in 1923 affect World War 2?

There is no direct link between the two. In 1923 France and Belgium occupied the Ruhr, which was Germany's leading industrial area. The reason given was that Germany had allegedly defaulted on reparations. The Germans responded with a policy of passive resistance, that is non-cooperation; but there was also some active resistance and a number of inhabitants of the Ruhr were shot by the French. The whole business was very damaging to the German economy. What outraged Germans (and also the British government) was that France went *beyond* the conditions of the Versailles Treaty. One of the French aims was to set up a separate republic in the Ruhr and the Rhineland. It created much bitterness. The whole business of going beyond Versailles probably caused even more resentment than the Versailles Treaty itself. Despite all this, Germany recovered from the effects of the occupation quickly and from 1924 onwards enjoyed some of the prosperity of the Roaring Twenties.

What won the Coupe de France in 1923?

The team that won Coupe de France in the season that ended in 1923 was Red Star.

Is The Ruhr located in the Paris Basin?

No, the Ruhr is in Germany.

Importance of ruhr valley?

it was a naval base of the coast of western france. sike nahhhh look it up son

Are Essen and Dusseldorf part of the Ruhr District in Germany?

Essen is in the Ruhr but Duesseldorf is some distance to the south of the Ruhr.

What is the area of Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis?

The area of Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis is 408.28 square kilometers.

What problems did Britain cause for Germany after World War 1?

None. It did what it could to restrain France when the latter tried to impose an even harsher settlement at Versailles. When France tried to go beyond the Treaty of Versailles, for example, by occupying the Ruhr in 1923, the British government dissociated itself publicly from the French action and ceased to co-operate with France in a number of matters relating to Germany.