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Why did France want to gain from World War 2?

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2007-05-15 13:52:54

France did gain: Firstly, ex-colonies like Vietnam (Indo-China

etc) Secondly, parts of Germany. (Germany was then divided into 4

zones and Berlin was again sub-divided into another 4 small zones.

Each zone (regardless "Berlin sub-zone" or main 4 zones throughout

the nation) was occupied by France, USA, Britain ,as known as :UK

and USSR. Later (In 1946), USA,UK,France merged together to form

West Germany , or Federal Republic of Germany because they wanted

Germany to be economically strong.However, Russia (USSR) had lost

about 20 million people in World War 2, definitely he (Stalin)

hated Germany a lot. That's why he wanted Germany to be weak in all

aspect just like France's revengeful idea after World War 1.

Therefore, Stalin created the German Democratic Republic. Note:

France had the smallest share of Germany occupied zone and it is

located on the South-West part of the Germany. Also: "Berlin

sub-zone" is mine term because this Berlin had divided into East

and West Berlin where West Berlin had fully surrounded with East

Berlin, East Germany. France wish to gain: Probably some cash for

compensation for the war.

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