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France did gain: Firstly, ex-colonies like Vietnam (Indo-China etc) Secondly, parts of Germany. (Germany was then divided into 4 zones and Berlin was again sub-divided into another 4 small zones. Each zone (regardless "Berlin sub-zone" or main 4 zones throughout the nation) was occupied by France, USA, Britain ,as known as :UK and USSR. Later (In 1946), USA,UK,France merged together to form West Germany , or Federal Republic of Germany because they wanted Germany to be economically strong.However, Russia (USSR) had lost about 20 million people in World War 2, definitely he (Stalin) hated Germany a lot. That's why he wanted Germany to be weak in all aspect just like France's revengeful idea after World War 1. Therefore, Stalin created the German Democratic Republic. Note: France had the smallest share of Germany occupied zone and it is located on the South-West part of the Germany. Also: "Berlin sub-zone" is mine term because this Berlin had divided into East and West Berlin where West Berlin had fully surrounded with East Berlin, East Germany. France wish to gain: Probably some cash for compensation for the war.

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Q: Why did France want to gain from World War 2?
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Why did the Americans want to gain an alliance with France?

to win the war

Did France gain anything from World War 1?


How did Chad gain its independence from France?

Chad Gained its independence by World war I and world war II.

Did France gain or lose territory in World War 2?

Neither lose nor gain.

Why did the US decided to enter world war?

the us decided to enter world war because they want the resources of france, and they want to keep on ruling france.

What were the goals of France and Spain in deciding to help the Patriots towards the end of the Revolution?

they did not want the British to win and also they did not want the British to gain more land.............BECAUSE THEY didn't want the British to win and gain more landspain and france helped the patriots win the war because they did not want the british to win the war. Also they did not want them to gain more land.

What did France hope to achieve in World War I?

France hoped to make it out of World War I and survive and recover their lost provinces. Germany attacked them to gain ground, and by the end, the Treaty of Versailles of signed in France to end the war.?æ

What territory did France gain from Germany?

France gained the provinces called Alsace and Lorraine. They originally were a part of France, but then the Germans took over the provinces during the Franco-Prussian War before World War I. After World War I, France gained them back.

What area did France gain from Germany at the end of World War 1?

The duchies of Alsace and Lorraine

What wars has France been involved in?

The war to gain control over Canada, World War 2, the French Revolution.

How did Somme impact World War I?

How did the Battle of Somme impact on World War 1?

D-day importance in world war?

the allies were able to gain a storng foothold in france

What two nations entered World War 1 to gain defeated nation's territories?

Italy and France

What did Italy want after World War I was over?

Italy primarily wanted to gain territory.

What did Germany want to do if they had won World War 1?

Try to gain more land.

Why did Britain and France need to keep peace with Germany?

the Britain and France did not want to go to another war because they went through the world war 1

Italian states participated in the Crimean War to gain assistance from .?

Italian states participated in the Crimean War to gain assistance from France.

Italian states particated in the crimean war to gain asstsiance from?

Italian states participated in the Crimean War to gain assistance from France.

Itanlian states participated in the crimean war to gain assistance from who?

Italian states participated in the Crimean War to gain assistance from France.

What did France want to do after World War 2?

France entered WWII because of a defensive pact woth Poland. Because Germany declared War on Poland, France declared war on Germany. If Germany had declared war on France first, then Poland would have declared war on germany. -Feewet

Why did Britain want to keep France out of the peace negotiations?

France had been greatly hit by world war one and so would want to be harsh on the Germans to get revenge

What was the France position prior to world war 1?

what was france position prior to world war I?

What is The war of attrition's relation to ww1?

A war of attrition, in general, is a war with high casualities but little territorial gain. The most famous war of attrition is the conflict on the Western Front in France during World War I.

What did russia want in world war 1?

There are various reasons why Russia went to World War 1. They wanted to gain control of the world as they felt threatened by the growing German power.

What did France gain by winning the Hundred Years' War?

Most of France, it led to the formation of France as we know it today.