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The Manhattan Project, or more formally, the Manhattan Engineering District (MED), was the effort during World War II to develop the first nuclear weapons of the United States with assistance from the United Kingdom and Canada. Its research was directed by American physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, under the overall project supervision of General Leslie R. Groves and the auspices of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The project's origins were in fears during the 1930s that Nazi Germany was also investigating such weapons of its own.

AnswerBecause he knew if the Allies didnt make the A-Bomb the Germans would

look what it did at see it all

"This new phenomenon would also lead to the construction of bombs,

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Q: Why did Franklin D. Roosevelt create the Manhattan Project?
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What project was put together to create the atomic bomb?

Manhattan Project

What Franklin d Roosevelt did when he was president?

Franklin D Roosevelt was the pres. of the u.s. and he helped create NATO alliances.

Did Franklin Delano Roosevelt assign Einstein to create the atomic bomb?

No he did not create the atomic bomb nor was he involved with the Manhattan Project. He did play a role though by sending a letter to convince president Roosevelt to start work on a nuclear weapon, and many of his theories went into the making of it. Einstein himself was a pacifist and regretted for the rest of his life that he had influenced the creation of nuclear weapons.

Goal of Manhattan project?

To create the first Atomic Weapon.

What were the goals of the Manhattan project?

To create the first atomic weapons.

What was he purpose of the Manhattan project?

To create the first nuclear weapon.

What was the top secret project that aimed to create a nuclear weapon for the US?

The Manhattan Engineering District, eventually renamed just Manhattan Project.

How many programs did Franklin D Roosevelt create?


What programs did Franklin Roosevelt create to help the unemployed?


What was the secret plan to create the atomic bomb?

This was called the Manhattan Project.

Why did Theodore Roosevelt create the New Deal?

Theodore Roosevelt did NOT create the New Deal. You are confusing two different US Presidents; Theodore Roosevelt with Franklin D. Roosevelt of the 1930's and 1940's. Franklin Roosevelt created the New Deal. Theodore Roosevelt created the "Square Deal".

What was the goal of the Manhattan project?

The goal of the Manhattan Project was to create nuclear fission reactions. This was done to determine the mass of any radioactive material in the creation of an atomic bomb.

Why did Franklin D Roosevelt create march of dimes?

Polio reserch

What did the Manhattan project create in 1945 that was used to stopt the war?

The atomic bomb.

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Yes he did.

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No he did not make a soup kitchen!

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Did Harry Truman create the new deal?

The New Deal was Franklin D Roosevelt.

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What was the name of the secret operation used to create the atomic bomb?

The Manhattan Project. This wasn't really a secret code word, it comes from an Army practice of naming a project after its headquarters, which at the time the project started were in Manhattan in New York City.

Did President Franklin Roosevelt create the New Deal programs?

Yes, they were to get the country out of the Great Depression.

Did people in Germany create the Atomic Bomb?

No, the Americans created nuclear weapons under the "Manhattan Project"

Why did the Manhattan project start?

As warned by Albert Einstein in a letter to President Roosevelt, America needed to pump up its efforts to develop nuclear technology against the tough competition provided by Germany. Einstein had warned Roosevelt of nuclear energy's potential to create a powerful new bomb, and that potential was promptly harnessed, creating 2 atomic bombs and wiping out both Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Therefore, I suppose you could say that the Manhattan project began for the purpose of ending WWII.

Albert Einstein wrote a letter to which president warning about Germany intention to create a nuclear weapon?

Franklin D Roosevelt

Albert Einstein wrote a letter to which president warning about germanys intention to create a nuclear weapon?

Franklin d . Roosevelt