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Mohandas Gandhi strongly believed in non-violence and ahimsa (no harm) and he also believed that we are all brothers and sisters and we should all be treated equally.

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What is a famous quote of Gandhi?

If the enemy slaps one one cheek,offer him the second

Who is the the mafia's main enemy?

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What good things did indira gandhi do to India?

She wasn't very good. She was very violent to Pakistani people she was their enemy. But she did give Indian women rights

How and why was this war like no other war?

Referring to the global war on terrorism?: 1. Enemy could be anyone (man, woman, child, or animal) 2. Enemy could be anywhere, anytime 3. Enemy has no army 4. Enemy has no navy 5. Enemy has no air force 6. Enemy has no marine corps 7. Enemy has no recognized, organized, central form of government 8. Enemy has no uniforms 9. Enemy has no flag Enemy cannot be negotiated with...because they don't exist as a formal/traditional enemy. Just as the old slogan in America used say..."war on crime", could be anyone, anytime, anywhere. Law Enforcement fights crime 24/7, 365 days a year, this is the global war on terrorism.

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napoleon bonaparte

What are the modern process for decision making in business?

"do you know your enemy?" - Green Day

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Meaning of om chimi chimi swaha Can anyone help me?

To control our enemy this mantra is used

How do you say new year greetings to enemy?

The same way you would do so to anyone else.

What does the word antagonize mean?

Antagonizing means to make someone angry or making an enemy of them

How did Mohandas Gandhi gain the respect of the people of India?

Unlike other leaders he lead the marches and would take the harshest of beatings. He tried to make the enemy look bad by provoking a response without hurting anyone. This was all for his people. he brought together people like no other. This is only a little of what he did to gain respect.

Why did Truman desegregate the military?

Truman wanted to desegegate the military because he had a master plan, to suprise the enemy, making it look easy to attack, when actually, the enemy would be dead.

Divide and conquer technique?

In all military strategy, it has always been assumed that a division of the enemy makes capture and making prisoners more simple than if the enemy were not divided.

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