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He wanted to make colors seem brighter.

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As a painter, Georges Seurat (along with Signac) pioneered the use of Pointillism.

george seurat was 31 yrs old when he died he used pointillism in his paintings

Georges Seurat was a French painter in the 19 century. He is best known for his impressionist paintings and his use of pointillism.

Paul signac was a French painter who worked on pointillism with Georges Seurat

Pointillism (or divisionism or luminism) was invented by Georges Seurat in the 1880s in Paris. Georges Seurat studied the color theories of physicists like Michel-Eugene Chevreul, Edouard Rood and a few others.

Seurat's painting style is usually called Pointillism.

It is usually called Pointillism (or Luminism, or Neo-Impressionism).

He is NOT. His style is usually called Pointillism, but sometimes Neo-Impressionism.

Georges Seurat, a Neo-Impressionist painter of the late 1800s, invented pointillism. This technique involves methodically placing dots of different colors in specific ways to create shadows, highlights, and figures.

Fredy Loza inspired his rat aka su rata

Pointillism is an Impressionist style of painting so those painters would be called Pointillists. Georges Seurat is a famous Pointillist.

George Seurat is very important because he invented pointillism, which consists of small dots of pure color that are paint directly onto the picture

Georges SEURAT has written: 'Georges Seurat'

thease are only people i know they are called Paul Signac and Georges Seurat good luck wih that

Georges Seurat started it, Paul Signac was his best-known follower.

He was a parisian, took an interest in optics and color theory, which made him start the experiments that were Pointillism (or Neo-Impressionism).

Pointillism was just one of the modern art movements to dominate the 20th century. Pointillism was a natural progression from Impressionism as it was an extension of the idea that the artist could create a painting which represented an object/image as if you were viewing it at a glance. The modern art/contemporary art movement of Pointillism was first coined as 'Pointillism' in the late 1880s. The great pioneers behind the modern art movement of Pointillism were the likes of: Georges Pierre Seurat, Paul Signac and Henri Edmond Cross.

The artist that developed a style called pointillism was Georges Seurat. This technique referred to the way that paint was applied to the canvas, and how it was composed of thousands of dots, making it look like points.

He used Pointillism, placing tiny dots of pure color on the canvas to create forms. Seurat lived from 1859 to 1891. He is often called a post impressionist by some art critics.

Georges Seurat is a French Post-Impressionist painter, he developed a technique which people called "Pointillism", and he called it "Divisionism". He devised a method of painting which used dots of paint instead of using longer brush strokes to create the picture. His paintings are quite natural using of light and color. Check his paintings on this link (See related Link)

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