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Why did Gerard Way do drugs?

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2011-09-13 22:51:47
2011-09-13 22:51:47

He was depressed bc of his Grandma dieing and everything, it was a sad time especially wen he was suicidal nobody wants him to die!!:(why?

because he was depressed and he didnt no what he was least he don't do them now :)

i saww in an interveiw he said that it was just something that he felt he had to do to be Gerard on stage;

it wasent his fult he was depresed and needed to get away from music for a while so he turned to drugs and alcahole (on stage his pants would fall down when he was stoned) i hope this helps

he is so sad.drink sober drink.whats next

my take: == Gerard way did drugs for years before his nan died, its just the way of the world.

when he started taking drugs he would have wanted to take them.

no one takes drugs because they are depressed only, it was his fault. its the addiction that he or no one else can control.

he knew what he was doing perfectly well, he is an adult, please do not think of him as any different just because he is Gerard way, he is in his thirties, and did drugs, booze and prescription medicine recreationally, until it became a habit.

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no, Gerard way isn't on drugs again. he has been there and done that!.

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Gerard Way used to take xanax which is a depression drug.

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He Used To Take Drugs Wich Were Xanex.

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Gerard Way's birth name is Gerard Arthur Way.

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Gerard Way is afraid of needles.

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