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Between World War I and World War II, Germany suffered "hyperinflation," whereby its currency essentially became worthless. The causes of this are numerous and complex, but most economics to ascribe the currency crisis to the financial strain of war reparations under the Versailles Treaty, which prevented the country from reinvesting in its industry and agriculture so that it could recover from the devastation of World War I.

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Q: Why did German money became worthless?
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Why was continental money worthless?

continentals became worthless because people came to believe that they would not be redeem their bills for gold and silver coins

In the early 1920s inflation made German money nearly worthless and led to Germany's economic collapse?


How did the confederate raise money to finance the civil war?

Printed more Confederate dollars, and the currency became worthless.

What is the German word for worthless?

Depending on context, worthless can be translated as wertlos unwert bedeutungslos aussichtslos nutzlos nichtsnutzig

What did Gustav stresemann do when the french occupied the ruhr?

When Gustav Stresemann became Chancellor of Germany in 1923 the French were already occupying the Ruhr and the hyperinflation crisis had taken hold of Germany. The French occupation meant that Germany struggled to make money from industry and they had to pay the striking workers in the Ruhr who were carrying out passive resistance. The German economy didn't have enough money coming in from taxes so they printed more and more money caused prices to spiral out of control due to hyperinflation. The German currency was worthless. The money was worthless so when Stresemann became Chancellor he issued a new currency: the Rentenmark. Later, Stresemann called off the passive resistance in the Ruhr and as a result the French left.

What happened to stocks when the stock market crashed?

became worthless

What happens when the stock market crashed stocks?

became worthless

When the stock market crashed the stocks did what?

The stocks crashed, making the economy crash, creating the Great Depression

Why did American economy fail after the American Revolution?

because of the war the printed money, became worthless and also all the prices kept on going high and higher

Why did the American economy fail after the American revolution?

because of the war the printed money, became worthless and also all the prices kept on going high and higher

How did german currency become worthless?

The German government printed too much of it before World War 2.

Why did the German people burn their money?

This happened after WWI (think Great Depression), when inflation caused German currency to be practically worthless. It was worth so little that they burned it when they needed to start a fire. There are stories of people filling wheelbarrows with paper money to try to buy bread.

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