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Eugenics was a popular theory of the time. Many people believed that certain "types" of people, including blacks, Jews, gypsies and homosexuals, were inferior. Many Germans, being efficient at accomplishing whatever goal they were seeking, decided that Jews, blacks, gypsies, homosexuals and political dissidents should be exterminated. The German war machine needed money, why not confiscate the personal property of those people to fund their war. It was more of a 100% tax than true hate. But to make it work, the German government needed to work up a little contempt and did so by claiming that the germanic people were superior to everyone else and should be ruling the world.

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What was the nation through which German armies twice invaded France in World War 2?

belgium belgium

What was the schleiffan plan?

It was the German plan of attacking France through Belgium.

What was the German plan to invade France through belgium?

schlieffen plan

Does Belgium retake years in school?

It depends if France retake years cos Belgium is a French country. If France does there's a possibility they do. but Belgium is a Dutch and German country too... so it depends.

What three nations bordered the German confederation on the west?

France, Belgium, and The Netherlands

What country did German armies invade twice in the 20th century to get to France?


German plan to invade France through Belgium?

schlieffen plan (;

The nation through which German armies twice invaded France in the twentieth century?


Who were the German occupied countries?

Poland Denmark Norway Belgium Luxemborg The Netherlands France

What 3 countries were the first to be industrialized in continental Europe?

Belgium, France and the German states.

What were the objectives of the battle of sommes?

to push back the German army into belgium and liberate France

When was the German invasion of Belgium?

The German invasion of Belgium started on May 10, 1940 with operations against France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. By May 28, King Leopold III had surrendered.

What did France do about Germany invading?

When Germany first tried to invade France they sent troops to the German-France border and the France- Belgium border to fight the incoming of the SS

What were the limits to the Maginot Line?

The Maginot Line protected France from a German attack on the German France border. However, Nazi Germany went through the Netherlands and Belgium which was an unprotected border.

What was it called when German tried to invade France through Belgium?

I'm pretty sure it was called the Rape of Belgium, but it may have other names as well.

In 1914 the German army invaded Belgium on its way to what nation?

In 1914 the German army invaded Belgium on it's way to France. During the Schrieffer plan Germany thought that going through Belgium was going to be easy and that Britain was going to remain neutral if Germany attacked Belgium.

How did the phoney war end?

In May 1940 when German troops swept through Belgium, Holland and France.

What was the goal of operation overlord in ww11?

The goal of Overlord was to to remove the German armies from France, Belgium and Holland.

Who were belgiums allies in world war 1?

The Allies of Belgium are basically France & Britain. Because the German attack comes through Belgium, Britain acts to defend Belgiums neutrality. There is much conflict around Ypres as well as elsewhere in Belgium & France.

Why does Germany issue an ultimatum to belgium?

The ultimatum demanded free passage of the German army through Belgium to get to France or else Germany would start a war with them.

How did the Germans prepare for the German invasion of France in World War 2?

In WW2 the Germans invaded Belgium to prepare an easy route for the invasion of France.

Which seven European Countries placed virtually all of Africa under European control between 1880 and 1900?

FranceUKBelgiumGerman EmpireItalyPortugalSpain

In what European countries is French spoken?

France (only official language) Belgium (along with Dutch and German) Switzerland (along with German, Italian and Romansh) Monaco

How do you say Belgium in German?

Belgium = Belgien;

What was the significance of the German march across Belgium?

In violating the Belgian neutrality, the Germans marched through Belgium to attack France. This action greatly influenced England's entrance into the war.