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Why would they?
Denmark had nothing to do with the war at all, and they were no threat to Germany
Sooe_Denmark Answer

There was a lot of German planning against Denmark prior ti WW1.
Specially Schlieffen had several war games 1895-1900 including a northern state (Denmark) interfering in a conflict between Germany and a major state in the west (France).
We know of two plans against Denmark, "Fall J" and "Fall H".
One against all of Denmark and one only against Jutland.
Denmark was important, because this northern flank was open for an attack from the Home Fleet against Kiel, The Kaiser Wilhelm Kanal and the German Baltic Fleet.
Furthermore, the Germans was aware of a promise from the Brittish King to the French Foreign Minister Delcassé in 1904, about landing 100.000 Brittish soldiers I Jutland in case of a war between Germany and France.
This promise, however, was never confirmed.
As a condition for approving the U-boat War I 1916, Bismarck and Ludendorff demanded at stronghold made I Southern Jutland, the territory Denmark lost in 1864: Sicherungsstellung Nord.
The Germans were concerned about the Danish (and Dutch) attitude against the U.-boat War.
There were a lot of reasons for war in Denmark, but Germany simply didn't have the capability after the Schlieffen plan failed.
Andrew's Answer:
Denmark's invasion during WWII was a last minute thought by the Nazi leadership. Hitler did not want to invade those countries until after France and Great Brittain were out of the way.
Denmark's invasion is one of those cosmic mistakes that is the beginning of the end without you even knowing it. When Hitler decided to go into Sweden , for the Iron, and Norway, to get to Sweden, he had to cross Denmark as it is the most direct route to both countries only a small portion of sea separates the three countries. Now the reason this is mentioned is because if it had not been for the invasion of Sweden and Norway Hitler may have had enough of a navy to land troops during the Battle of Briton.
Back to the real answer:
During WWI Germany had enough iron and raw materials to fight the war. Remember there were no tanks and few airplanes. Germany had no reason to enter into Denmark.
Comment: Germany did not/not invade Sweden in World War Two. Sweden, as in World War One, remained neutral throughout the conflict.
This is to sooe_denmark..
i've never heard of the plans "Fall J" and "Fall H". Could you plz send me a link or somthing about these plans?? I would love to know more!

HI Jonas. I'm sorry, but the plans were, along with the plans of Sicherungsstellung Nord, destroyed at an air raid on the German naval headquarters in 1945. The final plan for an attack was a coup. The Germans would quickly block the Danish baelts (The Store Baelt) with their navy and at the same time set troops ashore south of Copenhagen (at Köge) . In that way the Germans expected to obstruct the Danish mobilisation to the forts and fortifications around Copenhagen.
We know some of the planning due to the numerous unofficial talks between Bismarck and the Danish Colonel Lütken in he years 1904-1909.
Please take a look at my websites (defence of Copenhagen 1880-1920) and (Sicherungsstellung Nord)
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Q: Why did Germany not invade Denmark in World War 1?
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