Why did God make homosexuals?

Please note that this question asks about why God made homosexuals, so it assumes that the person asking and answering the question share a common faith in God. See the related question for scientific explanations of homosexuality. Even though this question assumes a common faith in God, not everyone who believes in God shares the same beliefs about homosexuality. Here are some different viewpoints. * It isn't possible for us to identify all possible situations where all possible behaviors can be significant, but if you believe in a Creator, it's quite easy to imagine He/She would be able to identify the need for this kind of diversity, without putting judgment on the need to have the behavior included in the repertoire of human behaviors. Our problem is, some people become judgmental when facing what they do not understand. * This is a question that never can be truly answered and opinions can only be given. It's like saying "why does God allow babies to die at birth" or "why does God let good and honest people die by the hands of a murderer." I know I'm going to get my backside kicked on this one, but so be it. I am a Christian. This is strictly MY opinion on the matter. I do believe that most gays (some choose to be gay at a later date) are truly born this way. After all, we are created from the same substance as stars and our bodies are full of hormones. My theory is that some people have more of one hormone than another. No one has the right to chastise or cause pain towards ANYONE that is different be it sexually or racially. I was brought up that we are ALL God's children. To pick on or condemn a gay person or a person of a different color is a slap in God's face. HE is the only one that has the right to decide whether it's right or wrong. If one is a Christian then they must believe that no matter if they feel it's right or wrong regarding gays they do not have the right to harm or belittle anyone that is gay. I also find that people that protest the loudest against gays are simply afraid of the unknown. There is nowhere in the Bible that mentions gays are not acceptable. It does say "and man shall be with woman" but, also in the Bible it does mention gay activity (as we understand it today.) * God "made" homosexuals for the same reason He made other sinners. From Adam and Eve we have been given the right '''and''' responsibility to choose for ourselves whom we would follow: God, or our own wisdom. Adam chose poorly, and this world has suffered for it ever since. The side question to all this is whether homosexuality is something one is born with, or if it is the result of decisions made afterward. Given the number of people I know personally who have '''chosen''' to leave the homosexual lifestyle for a heterosexual one, I have to say that not all homosexuals are "born that way," and therefore have zero responsibility in their choices. By the same token, heterosexuals are just as "born that way" towards desiring the opposite gender, but the responsibility of choice on what to do with that desire is there as well. Matthew 13:24-30 provides a parable that may help explain why God allows certain things to happen; Jesus explains the parable in verses 36-42. See the Related Links for links to these verses. * God created homosexuals so they would provide valuable services, such as , food gathering, protection from attack/predators, production of goods/services for their society, while at the same time not increase the burden on that society by bringing into it more children in need of care, food and protection from attack.

* God does not make sinners - He makes people, and people choose to sin. God created man in his own image , but that has nothing to do with God creating homosexuals, because God is not a homosexual. God is in fact heterosexual, and therefore anything created in his image would also be heterosexual, not homosexual.)) We are placed on the earth with agency, or the ability to act for ourselves. God does not force anyone to do anything. The way you are is the way you have decided to be. Does God make people sin? No. He teaches us why we should not sin. So why would God make someone be homosexual? In the Bible we read the account of when He destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Why? Because they were all sinners and it was better for them to die then to continue sinning and making themselves worse. So what was their sin? The Bible says that it was two main things: Homosexuality and Bestiality (also called Sodomy, receiving its name from this biblical city). So if God destroyed those cities for being homosexuals, why would He make people homosexuals? He doesn't. It's your choice, and he wants everyone, including homosexuals to repent and return to Him. * This assumes belief that a deity exists. Without belief in a deity the answer is rather simple. The cause of homosexuality is identical to the cause of heterosexuality. * The Bible is God's word, the truth, and a guide as to living in this material world, and nowhere in the bible does it agree with homosexuality. We cannot bend the teaching of the bible to accommodate our likes and dislikes, but in fact that is what people do. You should read what the Bible says about homosexuality and then repent of your sins and be forgiven. * Readers should be aware that the foregoing opinions on homosexuality represent just a few of the many viewpoints embraced by the various organized religions. Indeed, some religions openly accept homosexuality while many others tacitly condone it. Most stop well short of equating homosexuals with "perverts, child molesters and murderers."

* God created homosexuals, or gay people as some say, as a means of population control. * When God created us, He created us to have free will and choices. and to make our own decisions. That's why when you sin or make a wrong decision, he doesn't strike lightning down on you. He simply lets you pay for what you did with natural consequences.

* God didn't create homosexuals, but created humans with free will and choice. Those people just made the decision to like the same sex. There's nothing wrong with it.