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Why did God wait to create Eve?

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first, all praise to him, God can do what ever he wants, he wants to do it in sequence, then he does it that way.

second, he can tell us that he created all human being from one soul, not two, as mentioned in quran section 4 (women) verse 1

"O mankind, fear your Lord, that is, His punishment by being obedient to Him, Who created you of a single soul, Adam, and from it created its mate, Eve (Hawwā'), from one of his left ribs, and from the pair of them, Adam and Eve, scattered, separated and spread, many men and, many, women; and fear God by whom you claim [your rights] from one another (tassā'alūna: the original tā' [of tatasā'alūna] has been assimilated with the sīn; a variant reading has tasā'alūna), so that one of you says to the other, 'I ask you, by God…', or 'For God's sake…'; and, fear, kinship ties, lest you sever them (a variant reading [of wa'l-arhāma, 'and kinship ties'] is wa'l-arhāmi, as a supplement to the pronoun contained in bihi [sc. God]). They used to implore one another by ties of kinship. Surely God has been watchful over you, heedful of your deeds, for which He will requite you, that is to say, He is ever possessed of such an attribute".1 God created Adam and Eve at the same time according to: ; Genesis 1:27 : God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

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Which part of Adam's body did God create Eve?

God created Eve with Adam's rib.

Why did god create eve?

God is capitalized and to give Adam company

Did god create Adam and Eve in heaven?

No. In Eden.

Why did God create mothers?

Firstly god created Eve, as a companion for Adam.

Why did God put Adam to sleep to make eve?

Adam was put to a deep sleep as god took his rib to create Eve.

What did God say right before he created Eve?

A: Wait... I can do better!

How did Adam and Eve create all of us?

They didn't, God did.

Did God create more people after Adam and Eve?

Not acording to the bible.

Did Adam and Eve create Jesus?

No, they were thousands of years before him. God did.

What type of animal did god create first?

The snake that tricked eve.

Why did god create Adam and Eve as adults?

In the garden of eden there were no adults to give birth to Adam and Eve. Besides they were the first living humans that god created.

How did God create the human body?

God created Adam from soil, and Eve with one of Adams ribs

Who did Adam and Eve come from?

God created Adam from the ground. Adam in Hebrew means ground. After Adam, God took a bone from Adam and used it to create Eve.

Did God create other people after Adam?

According to that story, he also created Eve.

Did god create another women beside eve?

No, He created one man and one woman.

How were Adam and Eve born or created?

Just as the Genesis creation accounts say that God did not create the world out of nothing - ex nihilo - so the Bible says that God did not create Adam and Eve out of nothing. The earliest authors saw limits to God's powers. In Genesis 2:7, God created Adam out of the dust of the ground. In Genesis 2:22, God created Eve out of a rib taken from Adam.

Did God create more man after Adam and Eve?

someone once said to me that in the bible when it said that God created Adam an Eve that "Adam" represented all men and that "Eve" represented all women. But i dont know and i could care less.

Did god create two kinds of man?

his first Humans he made were Adam and eve, They both had children. the two man he made were Female and Male. Adam and eve Animals also were made by god

Did god create sin?

No. What is darkness? Is it a tangible thing, or did it create itself? No. Darkness is the absence of light. In the same way, What is sin? If you look at Genesis, it says that Adam and Eve hid from god after they sinned. They separated themselves from god. Sin is the absence of god.

Describe the god of Jesus?

Well the God of Jesus Christ is [ if you are Christian or Catholic] everybody's God. God create all of mankind. if you read the book of Genesis in the Bible, it tells you all about how god create Adam and Eve. but god is also your God. God loves you too because you and every one in this world is his child.

Did God marry Adam and Eve?

God did not marry Adam and Eve he created them.

How did God created eve?

after god created Adam from dust, god created eve from Adams ribs

What did God create on His sixth day of the Seven Days of Creation?

he made animals (Adam and Eve ) hope this helped u

Who created Adam and Eve if god was not born yet?

God created Adam and Eve.

How many times did God create man?

God created humanstwice. First time it was Adam. The second time it was Eve. God created Even from Adam by putting him in a deep sleep, while god took one of Adams ribs and used it to make a second human. Which was Eve and that is how women where created from men.