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His Wife Made Him.


He just didn't like it there. Goldberg, like sting, bled wcw. however, unlike sting, Goldberg gave wwe a chance and it just wasn't for him. you can't blame him. Linda McMahon called him "disappointing" during a public conference call.

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Q: Why did Goldberg leave WWE?
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Why goldberg leave WWE?

goldberg leave wwe beacause when he enters the wwe he had no smile in his face and no fun

Why goldberg left WWE?

goldberg personally did not like wwe superstars which forced him to leave.

When will Goldberg be back?

Goldberg is most likely not returning to WWE, for he claimed in an interview that WWE can "kiss his a$#."

Will bill goldberg ever return to WWE?

Bill Goldberg will not be returning to the WWE anytime soon.

When will goldberg return?

There is no news about Goldberg return to the wwe.

Who is Goldberg in WWE?

Goldberg was a professional wrestler, currently retired.

Will goldberg be in WWE 13?


When will Bill Goldberg return to the WWE?

bill goldberg will return in 2011.

When Bill Goldberg will come?

Bill Goldberg is currently retired from the WWE.

What WWE game has Goldberg?

wwe here comes the pain

Has Bill Goldberg retired?

Bill Goldberg retired the WWE back in 2004.

Is actor Adam goldberg related to wwe wrestler and actor bill goldberg?


Weres WWE goldberg?


What is the roster on WWE 2k14?


WWE which brand is goldberg on?


Will goldberg be in wwe in the future?

Its doubtful.

Is Goldberg going back to WWE?

Goldberg doesn't want to come back to WWE because he hates Vince. This is because Goldberg wanted to use his old WCW character and the WWE Creative Team wanted him to be more ordinary. For example, he never came out to police escort in WWE like he did in WCW.

Will Goldberg return to the WWE and if he does when will he return?

Goldberg has not planned to return to WWE as a competitor as of 2011. There has been some news on Goldberg returning to professional wrestling but he hasn't committed to any wrestling promotion yet.

Is Goldberg returning to the WWE?

Bill Goldberg is a greatest professional wrestling legend in professional wrestling history. Bill Goldberg proved as greatest professional wrestling superstar in WWE during 2003 to 2004. However, World Wrestling Entertainment had released this greatest wrestling legend from professional wrestling. Even Total Nonstop Action Wrestling does not show interest to offer contract to Bill Goldberg. So, the gates are closed in all directions. Finally, Bill Goldberg entered into acting field and put pull stop to wrestling. There is no doubt about it, WWE never allows Bill Goldberg to wrestle in WWE. At the same time, Bill Goldberg may not show interest to wrestle in WWE. So, Bill Goldberg never returns to WWE. However, World Wrestling Entertainment may respect Bill Goldberg by presenting WWE Hall of Fame in future days.

Can you get Goldberg in Wwe 12?

No, you will have to create him yourself

When is goldberg coming back to WWE?

He isn't

Is Goldberg still a player of WWE wrestling?


Is Goldberg returning to the WWE at summerslam 2008?


Where does goldberg in WWE live?

usa lol

Goldberg returning to the WWE At WrestleMania 25?