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Contrary to some claims, he didn't invent color television. That achievement is credited to John Logie Baird when he demonstrated color television in 1928, three years after his public demonstration of black and white television.

Camarena patented both in Mexico and the US the first Trichromatic Sequence Field Frequency in 1939. This trichromatic system served as a partial basis for color televisions and is now used by NASA. At the time of his invention, Mr. Guillermo Gonzalez-Camarena was 22 years old.

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Q: Why did Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena invent the color TV?
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What did Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena do after or before he invent the color tv?

RCA stold guillermos invention

Who was the engineer that invented color television in Mexico?

Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena (1917-1965).

Is guillermo gonzalez camarena from Mexico?

Yes, he was a Mexican national and inventor of color TV.

What is the story Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena Habitante del futuro about?

its about a guy who makes color in a t.v.

When did Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena invent the color tv?

He made his invention in 1940. He filled a patent application (U.S. patent 2,296,019) in August 14, 1941 and obtained the patent in September 15, 1942.

What did Guillermo Gonzlez Camarena help Mexico?

He invented color TV.

Who patented color TV?

González Camarena.

Famous person in Mexico?

There are many famous people in Mexico, in the past and present. One example is Guillermo González Camarena. He was the inventor of the color television. Please see the related link below for more.

Who is the first inventor of colored television?

Guillermo Gonzalez Camerama invented the color television transmission in Mexico. He first patented his invention patented in the year 1942 in the US.

What had Guillermo Camarena to do with color television?

Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena (1917-1965), is a Mexican national from Guadalajara Jalisco. His project was rejected by the Mexican authorities and had to go to the United States. In 1934 he made his first TV when he was 17 years old, later he patented his color TV in Mexico and the US. He holds patents to various color television systems from 1940, 1942, 1960 and 1962. In 1940 at the age of 22, Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena obtained US Patent #2,296,022 for his Trichromatic system used for color television transmissions. In August 31, 1946 he sent his first color transmition from his lab in the offices of The Mexican League of Radio Experiments in Lucerna St. #1, in Mexico City. The video signal was transmited in 115 MHz. and the audio in a band of 40 meters. RCA claims they did it in 1946 but Camarena's patent has an earlier month. Also, there are previous attempts or designs. Guillermo Camarena's work was impressive but some wrongly attribute the first color television to Camarena. However, Scotsman John Logie Baird sent images by a mechanical colour television in 1928, before his electro-mechanical black-and-red system was adopted by the BBC in 1929. This is the first demonstration of color television and precedes Camarena's patents by twelve years. In 1943, he suggested to the Hankey Postwar TV Commitee that postwar TV should be 1000 lines 3d, color and Black-and-White compatible. The commitee did not think this was possible, but Baird made it work before his death in 1946, a week after he demonstrated the above system, which was the first fully electronic color television in the world. He sent famous actors and moving cartoons through the air in colour and his images would have been simlar to the HDTV of today. If you search for "John Logie Baird Telechrome" you will be able to see the images reproduced. His system was almost flat screen.

What did Mexican inventors invent?

The world's first patent for a color TV was granted to a Mexican inventor, Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena. He was 23 years old in 1940 when he obtained US Patent No. 2,296,022 protecting his invention of a "Trichromatic" system for color television transmissions. Luis Miramontes was the main inventor of the birth control pill. Victor Celorio obtained patents for the technology popularly known as Book On Demand, as well as that of Distributed Printing technology in which an e-book is distributed among as many printing centers as required for immediate production and delivery, thereby creating a vast network of digital bookstores and libraries.

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George Lopez is a famous Mexican American comic. Guillermo González Camarena is an inventor who in the early 50s invented the color TV. General Mondragon, who invented the assaults rifle, and made the Mexican army capable of having the first fully automatic weapon in the the world. Octavio Paz, Nobel literature award winner in 1990.

What year did they invent color tv?


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Color TV, Tridilosa, The number zero, Rubber...

Who are some famous people from Mexico?

Salma Hayek (Movie and TV star)Danny Trejo (Movie star)Mario Molina (Nobel prize winner for chemistry, 1985)Guillermo Gonzalez (Inventor of color TV)Octavio Paz (Nobel prize winner for literature, 1990)Miguel de Icaza (creator of GNOME User Interface for Linux)

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Are Mexican men intelligent?

I guess so:Mario J. Molina (Mexican-born, American by naturalization): 1995 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.Alfonso García Robles: Nobel Peace Prize in 1982.Octavio Paz Lozano: 1990 Nobel Prize for Literature.Guillermo González Camarena (1917 - 1965): Mexican engineer who was inventor of a color-wheel type of color television.Rodolfo Neri Vela: Mexican scientist and astronaut who flew aboard the STS-61-B NASA Space Shuttle mission in 1985.