Why did Helga the witch sign up for anger management classes?

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Because she could not keep her hexes to herself?
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Do you have to pay money to take anger management classes?

Yes, usually you do, especially if you need it for court. If youjust want to do it, then you might find a church group or somethingin the community willing to host an anger ma

How can you teach an anger management class?

It is best to determine if you are able to teach skill enhancement to others. Begin by reading everything you can find about stress, anger, empathy, communication and emotiona

If you have to take an anger management class will everyone think you are a spaz?

Well, there are people with many different opinions out there; it's what makes the world interesting. But, unfortunately, some of these opinions are not always positive. That'

Anger management classes in Dallas?

Here is a list of the resources for anger management in Texas. We canot recommend specific programs. http://www.anger-management-resources.org/index.php?c=44 I agree that

Who is responsible for the cost of anger management classes?

Generally, the inappropriate display of anger, aggression or incivility is considered the responsibility of the person who perpetrates the unacceptable behavior. Therefore, he

How do you get a court order for anger management classes?

You must first file a complaint with you local Law Enforcement. The Police makes the determination of what action is needed. If a crime has been committed, the District Attorn

How anger management classes affect people?

Usually, the clients/students learn how to control their emotionsbetter. However, a few may become angrier in such a group. Here aresome of the expected outcomes: 1. You lear
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Did you go to your anger management class?

no i didnt... try doing push-ups... and punching a wall or two,also kinda punched the clock... and my tv dont work
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How do you sign up for a Catholic class?

Find a local parish and ask the pastor there where you can sign up for RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults).
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Can anger management classes be mandatory?

Yes, it can be ordered by a judge as any other treatment of destructive or dangerous behavior - drug addiction, alcoholism, sexual problems, etc.
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Where can you sign up for project management classes?

You can sign up for Project management classes on DeVry, ITT Technical Institute, University of Phoenix and other corporate focused websites. You can also pick up some course