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Why did Henry the viii break from rome?



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Henry split from Rome partly because he really wanted to have a son as if he didn't there would only be a girl as the heir of the throne and Henry was very manly on only believed on men running the country. Henry's wife at that time was Katherine of Aragon and she only had one daughter. Henry was getting impatient with this. He saw who he thought was the most beautiful girl ever Anne Beryline. He wanted to get a divorce from Katherine but that was against the Christian church rules. So he did it any and married Anne. And that is why he may have split from Rome.

because Catherine of Arrogan did not want a divoce and Henry VIII went to assk the cathlic church and the cathlic church did not give a divorce for Cathine of Arrogon

Anglican Catholic Answer!

Henry didn't break with Rome, why should he, what he wanted from Rome, an annulment could be got from other sources! Mind you he probably felt that he had been made a fool of, he'd paid a lot of money out in bribes to the Roman Officials and they hadn't produced. But there was some other thing, another way to get back at the pope, as it were.

For several hundred years there had been animated discussions within the Catholic Church to ascertain just where the magisterium, or authority, lay within the Catholic Church! Initially it was seen to be with Revelation, Scripture and the Bishops through the Councils.

When the pope proved such a weak support in Henry's love life, Henry in his embarrassment hit back by pointing out that the Pope was breaking the Church Canons. The Council of Nice said quite clearly that one bishop could not interfere in another bishop's see. It was a major error on the Bishop's part in expelling Henry from Rome's Communion, all Henry had done was point the finger at the pope and , possibly it would all have died the death tomorrow. In fact by taking such a line the Pontiff was exacerbating problem and causing the irritation to fester.