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Q: Why did Hippocrates make the first cloth bag filter?
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Is a coffee filter biodegradable?

If it is made from paper or cloth then it is biodegradable.If it is make from a plastic mesh then it is not.

It what fields did Euclid and Hippocrates make their greatest achievements?

Euclid mathematics, Hippocrates medicine.

What was the cloth that was first made by Chinese?

The Chinese were the first to make silk

How does one clean a Hoya filter?

The Hoya website recommends that when cleaning a Hoya filter you use a quality lens cleaner and cleaning cloth. Make sure that there are no particles on the filter before cleaning to make sure that there are no scratches. The Hoya website warns to use quality lens cleaning tissues rather than any cleaning cloth to ensure no damage is done to the equipment.

How do you make cloth on trade nations?

In the game Trade Nations for the iPhone/Pad, you make cloth by first building a loom. Assign workers once the loom is built, and it will convert wool, collected from your Pens, into cloth.

What is the pattern of dots I get when I put my homemade visible light filter on my modified digital camera?

What did you make the filter out of? Is there a pattern in it? If cloth of some sort, there would be a weave to it that would show up as dots.

What is the leveling path for First Aid in WoW?

First Aid is a secondary skill allowing you to make and use bandages for self-healing. The cloth used to make bandages can be farmed from any Humanoid mobs, bought from the Auction House or found in chests. You first make bandages of a cloth type (Linen Bandages for instance) and can then learn the heavier variant (say, Heavy Linen Bandages). This pattern repeats until maximum skill level. The needed cloth is as follows: Linen Cloth > Wool Cloth > Silk Cloth > Mageweave Cloth > Runecloth > Netherweave Cloth > Frostweave

Why do we need to make a pattern first before cutting the cloth?

So you don't make a mistake.

In what fields did Hippocrates and euclid make their greatest achievements?

Hippocrates and Euclid made their greatest achievements in the fields of Mathematics, Medicine, and Engineering.

How do you make cloth in little alchemy?

How do you make cloth in little alchemy

How does a cloth oppersit act like a filter paper?

Filter paper for example separates mud from water. Filter paper has tiny holes which can protect for example sand from clean water. However the cloth is used to make sure nothing drips out of the bowl. So it basically like a protector to the table, floor, chair etc. Hope this helps someone out there! xxx

How do you get rid of an ear ake?

you can take a wash cloth put it in the mircro wave and put salt on the wash cloth first then make sure the wash cloth is hot and then put it on your ear if you have any questions i will be happy to answer them'

How did first nations make there clothes?

they use thing like sewing the cloth

What was used to make the south's first hot air balloon?

Piece of Cloth

Where can you make a cloth in HorseIsle?

Turtle isle you will need 10 pieces of cotton the make 1 cloth

Expand the proverb cut your coat according to your cloth?

When you give a piece of cloth to a tailor he first measures it and then decides what kind of cloth to make,will he ever make a coat that requires more cloth than you have given neveh so is it wid ur expenses ...u shld spnd according to ur ernings ...odrwise u will land in gr8 trouble...

The spinning Jenny reduced the number of workers necessary to do what?

to make cloth Subscribe to Burrita z on youtube

How do dressmakers make cloth?

Dressmakers no longer make cloth. They go to a fabric store and buy it.

What was used to make the first plane?

spruce wood for the frame and wings muslin cloth

What did they use to make linen cloth to wrap Jesus in?


What word means to twist a cloth to make water come out?

To wring means to twist a cloth to make water come out.

What type of responsibilities does a massage therapist have?

The first, and most important, responsibility was given by Hippocrates, the father of medicine, and that is to do no harm. Anything after that may help heal, but certainly won't make it worse.

How do you turn on the smart filter on your samsung pl120?

Under Menu / Shooting / Smart Filter. You need to make sure that your "Face Detection" is off, first.

Where can one find directions to make cloth baby diapers?

One can find directions to make cloth baby diapers by searching websites such as northern baby, TLC home, Youtube and dollarstoremom, these will help you to make cloth diapers.

Why did Gandhi make his own clothes?

Gandhi made his followers make their own cloth to put the British cloth producers out of business