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Why did Hitler blame the Jews for Germany's problems?

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Hitler believed in conspiracy theories that regarded the Jews as Communists and claimed that they had deliberately made Germany lose World War 1 by causing strikes, subversion and revolution on the home front. He also said that they had deliberately caused the Great Depression. Worst of all, some of these conspiracy theories claimed that the Jews were seeking world domination and were therefore in competition with Germany's bid to dominate the world.

The Jews were a traditional target for conspiracy theories and were not well placed to fight back. There were an easy target. Antisemitic attitudes had been rampant in Europe for centuries before WWII, and Germany was no exception.

Hitler was an extreme nationalist, meaning he thought his nation - Austria/Germany - was the best on the planet and by implication that all other nations were inferior. The opposite of being a Nazi/nationalist is to be a Communist.

Many, perhaps for a brief spell a fifth or so, of the original top Soviet Communist leadership was ethnically Jewish. (That soon changed under Stalin). All kinds of conspiracy theories flourished. (These conspiracy theories never mentioned the fact that in Russia the government itself was rabidly anti-Jewish from 1881-1917, so it was not at all surprising that quite a number of Jews joined the Bolsheviks). Hitler and many other Nazis felt a deep hatred for Jews. In fact, the major war effort in WWII by Germany was against Russia in an attempt to destroy Communism and the Jews, whom he believed supported and led them. He also believed that the Jews were the biological root of Communism.

Many, including Hitler, believed that Jews had played a major part in Germany's defeat in WWI. Jews were prominent in some sectors of the economy around the world such as banking/finance and some sections of the media.

If one looks closely at anti-Jewish claims and rhetoric, at the stereotypes, it becomes clear that the prejudices are fundamentally anti-modern. Not surprisingly, sections of society that felt squeezed by economic and social changes in the period from about 1910-33 - such as the landowning aristocracy, owners of small shops and workshops - contained some of the most rabidly anti-Jewish elements.

There was also a regional dimension to this. Hostility to Jews was strongest in Bavaria, where Jews had played a particularly prominent part in the revolutions of Novemeber 1918-May 1919. Hostility to Jews was particulary strong in the Danube region, especially in Bavaria, Austria, Hungary, Romania.

These various anti-Jewish forces and beliefs reached a quasi-religious zeal in parts of the Nazi movement and culminated in the Holocaust.

Please see the related question for fuller answers.

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Jews were used as scapegoats because they were easy able to persecute them.

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Who did Hitler blame germanys financhel problems on?

On the Jews.

Who did Hitler blame for germanys loss in ww1?


Who did Hitler blame for Germanys defeat in World War 1?


Who was Hitler after?

The jews, he believed that they were to blame for Germanys financial crisis after WW1.

Who did Hitler blame most of Germany's problems on?

Hitler put most of the blame for Germany's problems on the Jews.

Who did Adolf Hitler blame his financial problems on?

The Jews.

Who did Hitler blame for German economic problems?

The Jews.

Who did Adolf Hitler blame Germany's economic problems on?

The Jews

Who did Hitler blame for the problems after world war2?

Hitler committed suicide before WW2 ended so he could not blame anyone for the problems after WW2. He did blame the Jews after WW1.

Which group of people did Hitler blame for Germany's economic problems?

Hitler blamed the Jews for Germany's economic problems.

Why did Hitler blame the Jews for his mother's death?

Hitler didn't blame the Jews for his mother's death. He blamed the Jews for Germany's problems. His mother died of cancer. Hitler only associated Jews with national issues, not personal ones.

What group of people did Hitler blame for Germany's problems?

He blamed the Jews!

Who did Adolf Hitler blame his country's financial problems on in the 1930s?

On Jews.

What group of people did Hitler blame for the problems in Germany during the depression?

He blamed the Jews for the problems in Germany.

Who was Leader of the nazi party who gained power in Germany in the early 1930s blaming germanys problems on the Jews?

Adolf Hitler

Why was it easy for Hitler to blame Jews for economic problems?

because they had no statesman to speak up for them.

Why did Hitler blame Germany's problems on the Jews?

He didn't get into art school and thought that they were Communists.

What book did Hitler write and wich group did he blame for Germany's problems?

Hitler wrote, Mein Kampf. He, and the Nazis, blamed the Jews for German's problems.

What was the Jews blamed for?

The Jews were blamed for everything wrong in the world. Especially in Germany there were many Jew shops which gave German people no jobs so Hitler chose that moment to blame the Jews for germanys economic problems. Later it lead to more things like for not doing well in the war etc...

How did Hitler use Jews as scapegoats for all of Germany's problems?

he blamed all of germanys prblems on them. and hte people listened since the jews already had a bad reputation

Who did Hitler blame for Germany's problems for the country's defeat in World War 1.?

He blamed the Jews.

Why was it easy for Hitler to blame Germany's economic problems on the Jews?

Because they ran most of the banks.

What groups did Hitler blame for Germany's problems?


Who did Hitler blame germanys defeat in ww1 upon?

He blamed it on the Jewish people --- He and other hardline nationalists blamed socialists and communists - and took it for granted that these people were Jews.

Why did hitlar blame the Jews?

Hitler blamed the Jews because they were an easy target to blame or all of Germany's problems. The Jews at the time were the richest people living in Germany, which meant that the average German disliked the Jews.