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because everybody will remember the Holocaust

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What did Hitler call the Holocaust?

I believe he called it "The Final Solution".

Why did Adolf Hitler call it the Holocaust?

The Nazis called it the Final Solution of the Jewish Question. The word Holocaust wasn't widely used till about 1980.

What country did the holocaust happen?

It happened in Geramany. Hitler used to keep the Jews and gypsies in concentrated camp and kill them their.They call it a final solution.

What did Hitler call his plans?

The Final Solution. See the link below.

What do the Jewish people call Hitler's final solution?

The Holocaust the hebrew word is shoah.

How was the holocast and Hitler's final solution related?

Hitler's final solution was his attempt to kill all the Jews in Europe and the Holocaust is what the genocide of the Jews during this time is called. ------------------------------------------ (in an attempt to clarify) The Final Solution is what it was called in its own time. The Holocaust is what we call it looking backwards to that time.

What did the Nazis call their goal to eliminate the Jewish population?

Nazis referred to the Holocaust as the Final Solution.

What did adolf Hitler call his plan to exterminate the Jews?

The Final Solution (of the Jewish question).

What was the name given to the extermination of Jews by Hitler?

The Third Reich called it "The Final Solution". The rest of humanity calls it The Holocaust, though Jewish people themselves call it by the Hebrew word "Shoah".

What did adolf Hitler call his plan to exerninate all of the Jews?

The original name Hitler gave the plan was 'The Final Solution'.

What did Hitler call his plan to get rid of the Jews?

Hitler called it "The final solution of the Jewish Question" (Die Endlösung der Judenfrage).

What did Hitler call his plan?

Hitler called his plan "The Final Solution to the Jewish Question." This means to physically liquidate the Jews and other inferior races.

Why was the Holocaust called final solution?

The Final Solution wasn't the Holocaust. The Holocaust was an event with the mass murders of other 16 Million people. the Final Solution was part of the Holocaust where top SS Officers disincluding Heinrich Himmler meeted up and decide on what to do with the Jews and the Final Solution was the plan to deal with what they call "The Jewish problem". This involved the beginnings of the mass killings which during this time, The Final Solution was responsible for most of the killings during the Holocaust.The Final Solution is commonly confused in being the Holocaust but the Final Solution was an event/plan in dealing with issues about the Holocaust.________________No, the term Holocaust came into widespread use in the late 1970s to replace the expression Final Solution (of the the Jewish Question). The latter was the Nazis' own term (Endloesung der Judenfrage) and was widely considered offensive. Here's a definition of the Holocaust by Professor Richard Evans, who appeared as an expert witness in the Irving versus Lipstadt and Penguin Books, Ltd case:The standard work by the distinguished Canadian historian Michael Marrus, TheHolocaust in History, focused on, to use his own words, 'the Holocaust, the systematic mass murder of European Jewry by the Nazis'. Similarly, Sir Martin Gilbert, in his documentary compilation, The Holocaust: The Jewish Tragedy( London, 1986), concurred in referring to 'the systematic attempt to destroy all European Jewry - an attempt now known as the Holocaust'. Another author, Ronnie S. Landau, put forward a similar definition in his book, The Nazi Holocaust: 'The Holocaust involved the deliberate, systematic murder of approximately 6 million Jews in Nazi-dominated Europe between 1941 and 1945.'Richard J. Evans, Telling Lies About Hitler: The Holocaust, History and the David Irving Trial, Verso, London and New York, 2002, pp. 113-4.

What did the Nazis call the plan to exterminating the Jews of Europe?

Hitler called the to exterminate the Jews and preserve Aryan supremecy the "Final Solution".

The name given to the killing of jews by Hitler?

In English we call it 'The Holocaust'.

What did the Nazis call the Holocaust?

The Nazis referred to it as the Final Solution (of he Jewish Question) - in German, die Endloesung der Judenfrage.By question they meant problem. Having vaguely considered other, unrealistic plans their 'Final Solution' was to try to murder the lot.

Mass destruction of Jewish people?

The Germans at the time called it "the Final solution". The Jews to whom it was done call it the "holocaust". What ever it was called it was a genocide of massive proportions.

Who was the German leader of holocaust?

The Supreme commander was of course Hitler, but it would probably be more accurate to call Himmler the leader of the Holocaust.

What was the 1942 conference call that established the Final Solution?

The Wannsee Conference, but it is not agreed that it established the Final Solution.

Why did the Germans call it the Holocaust?

The Nazis did not use the word Holocaust.The use of the word Holocaust in this context, meaning the Nazi genocide of the Jews is fairly recent (in English, German and other languages) and only became widespread after the TV miniseries entitled Holocaust in 1978. The Nazis called the genocide the 'Final Solution [of the Jewish question]'. Please see the related question.

Why did Hitler continue to carry out his 'Final Solution' even though he was losing the war in 1944?

I think psychiatrists call it an obsessive compulsive disorder. In other words, he was nuts.

How many salvs were killed in the holocaust?

Most of the victims were Slavs. Though Hitler liked to call Judaism a race, it was not, it is a religion, ethnically they were Slavs as were most of the Gentile victims of Hitler.

What day did the Holocaust start?

January 30, 1933 ________________ No, that is the day that Hitler came to power. If you're going to call the whole Nazi period 'the Holocaust', then the term is completely redundant. Please see the related question.

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