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Why Hitler Singled Out Jews

I suppose the short answer is "because he could." For 2000 years, sad to say, anti-Jewish attitudes had been a part of Christianity. No I am not saying all Christians felt that way, and no I am not saying Hitler was a "typical" Christian. But in many countries, the idea that the Jews were evil, or greedy or even satanic, and the belief that they had killed Jesus, were embedded in the culture and Christian religious schools taught this viewpoint. It was in songs, in essays in supposedly scholarly magazines and journals, even in textbooks, and not enough Christians challenged it. (I can speak from experience-- I was beaten up and called a Christ-killer when I was a kid, and to this day, I still meet people who were taught that Jews are all rich or control the media-- neither is true... Obviously, I didn't have it anywhere nearly as bad as the Jews of Europe-- I got insulted and pushed down a flight of stairs at school, whereas 6 million European Jews lost their jobs, their homes, their possessions, and their lives.)

Hitler was clever enough to know that he could call upon ancient stereotypes and most people would agree, since they had heard these stereotypes for years, and even the clergy seemed to go along. So Hitler was able to accuse a tiny fragment of the German population (the Jews) of causing all of Germany's problems, and he was able to keep building that hatred to the point where ordinary Germans believed it was okay to murder innocent Jewish people. Hitler was not the first to encourage this, and it's unfortunate that his legacy still lives on in a number of countries where they still accept what he taught.

It wasn't really till the mid 60s when the Catholic Church, led by a handful of cardinals like Richard Cardinal Cushing and encouraged by Pope John 23rd, FINALLY rejected the false accusations against the Jews and actively began teaching that Judaism was not evil nor were the Jews guilty of killing Jesus. The start of the so-called "ecumenical movement" was when things began to improve in inter-faith relationships. And then other Christian denominations, such as the Lutherans, began examining how they had either remained silent or actively contributed to anti-Jewish teaching over the years. If the questioner would like scholarly articles about how Hitler used anti-Jewish stereotypes to stir up an angry and frightened German populus, or about how things finally changed, I can make some suggestions. (And by the way, Jews are a religion, not a race. Hitler tried to convince the public that Judaism was like an inherited disease... but these days, the idea of a "Jewish race" is not as common as it was during the past century.)

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Since the 1870s a new wave of secular (that is, non-religious) anti-Jewish racial conspiracy theories developed. These theories made a great song and dance about assimilated Jews as the bearers of some specific features of the modern world - such as big cities, liberalism, capitalism, (the early emergence of a 'global' economy before 1914), the mass media and, later, also socialism and Bolshevism. These conspiracy theories were particularly popular in Tsarist Russia, where they were encouraged by the government and the secret police. However, in Central Europe and France similar theories were encouraged by the Roman Catholic Church (in the full knowledge that they were false). This kind of anti-semitism appealed in particular to groups having problems coming to terms with the modern world, such as the lower ranks of the aristocracy, craftsmen and some small shopkeepers. In France, Germany and much of Austria-Hungary these conspiracy theories saw assimilated Jews, who no longer wore distinctive dress, did not speak Yiddish and had in many cases ceased to practice their religion - in short, who often weren't obviously recognizable - as a real threat.

This guy is some what right the other main reason why adolf hitler chose the jewish people was becasue there was rumors that adolf hitlers father was a jewish and that is the other reason why he took his home town Braunau am Inn, Austria-Hungary because of this facts hitler really killed his own people he about 80% Jewish ancestry.

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Q: Why did Hitler choose the Jewish race as scapegoats for Germany's problems?
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Who were the scapegoats for Hitler?

The Jewish people were the scapegoat for Hitler

Who blamed Jewish people intellectuals and communists for germanys problems after world war 1?

Adolf Hitler

Who are some famous scapegoats?

Adolf Hitler used the Jewish people as a scapegoat for Germany's economic problems during the Great Depression.

Why did Hitler target the Jewish population as scapegoats for all of Germany's troubles?

personal bias, personal beliefs

Who blamed Jewish people intellectuals and communists for germanys problems after world war ll?

It wasn't after WW2, but WW1 that Hitler blamed the population you listed. A dictator needs to have groups that he makes into enemies so he can blame conditions on them.

What did Hitler accuse Jewish people of?

All of Germany's problems.

Why did Hitler and his men kill the Jews?

The government of the Third Reich was based upon several anti-semetic (anti-Jewish) policies. The reason for this was because the Jews were being used as scapegoats for Germany's problems. Hitler used them as a unifying force to get all of Germany to rally behind him because he promised a better future.

Why did Hitler have a problem with the Jews?

Hitler was 1/5 Jewish. He was related to the Rothschilds- he was the illegitimate son of one of them. The Rothschilds were instrumental in financing Hitler's campaign, so he couldn't touch them. instead, he made the other Jews his scapegoats.

What was the aftermath of the Holocaust?

The Jewish were not scapegoats to Germany and were not killed anymore.

Why did Hitler hate Jewish people he was half Jewish too?

Hitler was not half-Jewish, but he hated Jews mainly because he blamed them for Germany's problems and he viewed them as being sub-human.

Who did Hitler blame germanys defeat in ww1 upon?

He blamed it on the Jewish people --- He and other hardline nationalists blamed socialists and communists - and took it for granted that these people were Jews.

Hitler and Stalin had similar views but disagreed on what one thing?

Stalin vs HitlerTHE JEWS- Many communist leaders were Jewish and the Germanys hated Jews. Socialist parties wer formed mainly to oppose communism

Was Hitler dad Jewish?

No Hitler had no Jewish ancestry

Why did so many people support the Nazi message?

Hitler brainwashed many people into believing that the Jewish were responsible for the bad economy, using them as scapegoats for the country's problems. Even if they didn't believe in Hitler's mission they were too afraid to speak out. There was much pressure to join the Nazi party and if you didn't you were looked down upon as just as bad as the Jewish themselves.

If Hitler was Jewish than why did he kill Jews?

Hitler was not Jewish.

What problems did Hitler blame the Jewish Germans for?

Main one is the German lose of the great war.

If Hitler was Jewish then why did he kill Jews?

Hitler wasn't Jewish. If Hitler was Jewish, it wouldn't make any sense for him to kill all the Jews.

Why did Hitler ordered so many Jewish to be killed?

he was crazy. he felt that they were the cause of all the worlds problems

Who did Adolf Hitler blame for Germany's loss of World War 1 and subsequent problems?

Jewish officers

Was Hitler juwish?

No, Hitler was not Jewish.

Does Hitler hate Jewish people?

Yes, Hitler hated Jewish people.

Why were Germans willing to listen to Hitler?

In 1932 when Hitler won his seat in government the German people were suffering from unemployment ( 5.6 million unemployed) , inflation, and since WW 1 had been pay reparations to the winners of the war. They were also prevented from building a military and forced to return land they considered believed to be German. Hitler told them he could solve all of their problems and later made the Jewish population scapegoats for all the problems. He also blamed communism in the government. Thus, he was able to use the weaknesses of the government to take over the government.

Why did Hitler hate Jews if he was half Jewish?

He was not half-Jewish. This is one of those myths that refuses to die. There is no credible evidence that Hitler was (pick one) half Jewish, raised by Jews, or had a Jewish father. On the other hand, there is a lot of evidence that Hitler was a bigoted man who unfairly blamed Jews for Germany's problems, and it had nothing whatsoever to do with any alleged family connections.

Why did Hitler blame the Jewish people for Germany's problems?

He chose the smallest, weakest people he could find and blamed them.

Why did Hitler want to terminate the entire Jewish population?

he was prejudice and wanted someone to blame for Germany`s problems.