Why did Hitler come to power in 1933?

Hitler was elected by the German people because he was popular and offered solutions. Germany was subject to economic crisis after The Great War and Wall Street Crash in 1929 in which Germany was reliant on funds coming from America. When these funds stopped the German people suffered and looked towards radical solutions and extremism rose. The Nazis in Germany became increasingly popular as they offered radical solutions to Germany's economic problems. They blamed this on the Jewish, Communists and Eastern-Europeans for the Germany's economic fall and that the Hitler and his Nazis would make Germany great again. Germany was seen by the other nations as the cause for the First World War and was dealt with harshly with the Treaty of Versailles, up until the Wall Street Crash Germany had been following a policy of compliance with the Treaty in the hope that the other nations would feel sorry for her. The German people despised the Treaty and looked towards dismantling it in which a solution was offered by the Nazis. Propaganda hypnotised people into Nazi ideals and got them to take part in Nazi rallies or become a brown shirts believing that they would make Germany a great power again.