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I think psychiatrists call it an obsessive compulsive disorder. In other words, he was nuts.

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Q: Why did Hitler continue to carry out his 'Final Solution' even though he was losing the war in 1944?
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What tactic did hitler use during the final solution?

basically he carried on has he had before, making speeches. Though the final solution was only mentioned once. otherwise he steered clear

Was Hitler gay with Stalin?

Yes, he most certanily was. Hitler met with Stalin on several ocassions to have furious gay sex with him. Actually, it's said that Hitler commited suicide partly because Stalin wouldn't sleep with him after Hitler invading Russia. Stalin neglected this though, and strongly proclaimed that he would continue to bang Hitler, even though that he had tried to overthrow his country.

Who did Hitler lose elections to?

Paul Von Hindenburg, Hitler lost though

Did Hitler have cancer?

No, his mother had cancer though.

Is isopropyl alcohol a solution?

No, it is a compound, though it is usually in a solution with water.

What tactics did hitler use during the final solution?

hitler was a very rude and dangerous solidier who killed millions of jews and obviously he killed himself as being surroung by all countries around the world and didn't had any way to get out itgoodbasically he carried on has he had before, making speeches. Though the final solution was only mentioned once.otherwise he steered clear

Why did Europeans hate Jews during World War 2?

Because Hitler needed some one to blame for losing the war and he also disliked any one that was different then him even though he was part Jew himself

Why did Hitler offer his thanks to Napoleon?

Hitler actually admired and respected Napoleon even though he was French.

Did Adolf Hitler have any qualities?

Hitler had lots of qualities, most of them weren't very good though.

What was the name given to the extermination of Jews by Hitler?

The Third Reich called it "The Final Solution". The rest of humanity calls it The Holocaust, though Jewish people themselves call it by the Hebrew word "Shoah".

Why do so many countries compete even though Hitler's anti-Semitic policies were well known?

Many Germans and non-Germans contributed to or benefited from the so-called "Final Solution"

Did Hitler rule Germany alone?

Hitler ruled nazi party which lead him to the though that he could rule Germany

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