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He tried to take over the government with the Munich Putsch. Afterwards he let the leaders he threatened go free. They organized an opposition to Hitler's SA march the next day.

Hitler was defeated in a street battle and was tried with treason. He was sent to Landsberg prison for 5 years of which he only served 9 months. He had an easy time in prison with access to books and a comfortable life.

During this time he wrote Mein Kampf (My Struggle) which expressed all of his political views. This gave him time to realize that if he wanted power he would have to get elected. Later, he did just that.

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Q: Why did Hitler go to jail?
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When did Hitler go to jail?

in 1919

What year did Hitler go to jail?


Did aolf Hitler go to jail after he got out of the Bavarian army?

No... He did go to jail but not out of the Bavarian army

What year did adolf Hitler go to jail?


Did Hitler go to jail a second time?

no because he suicided

What age did Hitler go to jail?

34 years old

Why did Hitler go to jail in 1923?

He attempted to overthrow the German government and went to jail because it failed.

How many times did Adolf Hitler go to jail?

Only once

How many times was Adolf Hitler in jail for?

Hitler was in jail only once.

How did Hitler get out of jail?

He was released early out of jail.

When was Hitler in jail?

he was thrown into jail on 1924

Why were Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun going to go to jail?

Crimes against humanity.

Did Hitler die in jail?

No, he did not. :)

How many years did Hitler go to jail for?

He served nine months of a five year sentence.

Why did Hitler go to jail before he became ruler of Germany?

He tried to overthrow the German government.

Did Adolf Hitler ever serve time in jail?

Hitler did not serve time in Jail. He killed himself because he didn't wanna serve the consequences in trial/jail.

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When was Hitler let out of jail?

Hitler was released from prison on December 20 1924.

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Hitler was put in jail in 1923 and started writing mein kamph his book. he was let out after just 9 months

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He tried to overthrow the German government at the time.

Who put Adolf Hitler in jail?

The police!

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He went to jail for trying to overthrow the German government, but the coup failed.

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he went to jail for 40000000000 years from Dylan Duxbury

Why Hitler and Eva Braun commit suicide?

To not get into jail.

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