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Franco was an ally of Adolph Hitler.

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Who was Francisco Franco and how did Hitler and Mussolini help him?

Francisco Franco was the Spanish General who won the Spanish Civil War and Hitler backed him up with weapons and armoury and men

What did Hitler and Mussolini do during the Spanish civil war?

They supported Franco and gave him help.

What did the dictators of world war 2 have in common?

Hitler, Mussolini and France where all Fasists. After Hitler occupied Austria in 36 Mussolini became his ally. They then both agreed to help Franco in the spanish civil war Hitler, Mussolini and France where all Fasists. After Hitler occupied Austria in 36 Mussolini became his ally. They then both agreed to help Franco in the spanish civil war

What leader did Mussolini help in the Spanish Civil War?

Francisco Franco.

What nation gave the most support to General Franco in the Spanish Civil War?

Italy gave more support to General Franco in the Spanish Civil War than did Nazi Germany. Fascist Italy sent about 65,000 troops to help Franco. Italy also supplied aircraft and many war supplies that Franco needed. Hitler helped of course but Italy helped out allot more.

To what extent did Nazi aids help the Spanish Civil war of 1936?

To a great extent. The German government under Adolf Hitler provided a great deal of military assistance to Franco in winning the Spanish Civil War. Germany sent troops, equipment, aircraft & pilots to participate in combat. This was called the 'Condor Legion'. In addition, Italy under Mussolini, sent military units to help Franco.

Why did Hitler send aid to help the Nationalists Spanish Civil War?

Hitler was fascist. The Spanish rebels were fascist. They got along. Same reason he supported Mussolini.

Who did Hitler and Mussolini help in Spain?

Francisco Franco

Why did Mussolini help Francisco Franco during the Spain's civil war?

Because Franco was a supporter of fascism and fighting against the communists in Spain. Hitler and Mussolini helped Franco because both nazism and fascism is against the communism.

Who did Spain fight in the spanish civil war?

A civil war is a war between two factions in the same country. The two factions that fought in the Spanish Civil War were the Spanish Republic and Nationalist Spain. But it was not a "only civil" war, since Franco asked his fascist partner Hitler for help who sent the "Legion Condor". Picasso's "Guernica" is a direct result of the brutal way this "Legion" crushed the resistance. And for Hitler is was a test of the rebuilt Nazi army, a precursor to World War II. If you want to get a good impression of the Spanish Civil War you should read "Whom the bell tolls" by Ernest Hemingway...

How did Mussolini and Hitler help Francisco Franco?

Mussolini and Hitler helped Francisco Franco because he was also a communist. They also wanted Spain to weaken America.

Why did the Spanish Civil war become an international issue?

It became an international issue because Hitler assisted the Spanish by sending his air force to help them.

Who was Fransico Franco?

He was the fascist dictator of Spain he came to power in 1939 after overthrowing the legitimate government in a Civil War which started in 1936. Disenchanted with the left leaning national government a number of Spanish officers including Franco brought the Spanish garrison in North Africa to Spain. With the help of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy they crushed the national government. Franco lasted as dictator until his death in 1975 outliving Hitler and Mussolini by 30 years.

Why is it that the Germans helped Franco in the Spanish Civil War but the Spanish did not help the Germans much in World War 2?

Hitler and Mussolini both helped Franco out for various reasons. Hitler and Germany wanted to test some of their new ideas and equipment. The best way to test weapons of war naturally are on the battlefield. In addition, Franco's fight was against the communists. This was an added bouns to the Axis desire to aid Franco. But Franco was a shrewd politician, in addition to being a general. He knew that in the long run, if Britain stayed in the war, that the odds are Germany would lose, so he played the middle, by not committing to the war. In addition, Spain was devastated by the three-year civil war, and didn't have the resources nor the national will to enter into another conflict.

Why did Hitler help Franco in Spain?

To test his newly-built Air Force in action.

What happened in Spain during World War 2?

Despite the help given by Italy and Germany to the Falangists and Franco during the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), Franco refused to give military support to Germany or Italy in WW2 (except that a few thousand Spanish volunteers fought on the Eastern Front). Franco was aware that after three years of vicious civil war, Spain's economy was in tatters and that the country needed a lengthy period of recovery. They Franco r

Why did Mussolini and Hitler send troops and tanks into Spain?

They did that to help the Nationalists to win the Spanish Civil War. They were actually just testing out their armies.

With the help of Germany and Italy who won the civil war in Spain?

francisco franco

Why did Mussolini and Hitler help franco during the spanish civil war?

This act served two purposes Germany and Italy both recognized Franco as the head of state. with a better equipped forces with German and Italian soilders victory was in safe hands. And Germany reaped the most benefit it was in Spain that the Luftwaffe perfected the technique of divebombing and now with generals on the "How to Win" it gave them an edge in WW2

Why was Francisco Franco so famous for?

Infamous might be the preferable word. Francisco Franco and his Nationalists won the Spanish Civil War, with the help of troops flown in from Spanish Morocco, and forces sent to him by fellow fascists Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. After World War 2 began they tried to persuade Franco to bring Spain into the war on the Axis side, but Franco steadfastly refused because they would not agree to his territorial demands. As a result, Franco remained in power until his death about three decades after the war ended, and during that time Spain remained a fascist dictatorship. Also, Franco originated the term "fifth column" to describe his network of spies in Madrid as his four columns of soldiers converged on the Spanish capital. Otherwise, I can think of nothing great that Francisco Franco did for Spain or for the world.

Why did Hitler involve Germany in the spanish civil war?

Because Spain was a neutral ally with Nazi Germany and Hitler wanted to help a country which hasnt had a bad time with germany. Also, It was a good time for Hitler to test his Air Force and His army

Did Spain help with the French Resistance?

No. During the IIWW Spain was under the dictatorship of Francisco Franco, who had took the power in 1939 after the Spanish Civil War. Franco has the help of the Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy in the spanish war and was mostly partisan of the axis victory. Howeverm ther were many spanish fighting in the french resistance, mainly expatriated republicans who had left Spain after de Francoist victory. Their experience in the spanish war was very valuable to the french resistance.

When did Francisco Franco come into power?

he came to power in 1939.... he had much help form Hitler also if you did not know

How did Francisco Franco come to power?

He began the Spanish Revolution.AnswerHe led a military coup against the democratically elected government of the Spanish Republic in 1936. The Republic armed the workers, who resisted the fascist takeover. A civil war ensued. Denied the aid of the democratic powers, the Republic sought and obtained limited help from Soviet Russia and also from a large number of foreign volunteers, but Franco's Nationalists received much more extensive foreign aid in the form of the decisive military assistance of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. Eventually, the Nationalists won the civil war (1939) and Franco became head of state and dictator. For more details see Hugh Thomas, "The Spanish Civil War"; Paul Preston, "Concise History of the Spanish Civil War". Hitler also helped him come on power... he wouldn't have manged it on his own..

In which wars has Germany been involved in?

Germany is a relatively recent nation, yet has been involved in several wars since/leading up to its unification in 1871. Most notably: Franco-Prussian War WW1 WW2 Afghanistan (post 2001) Germany was also involved in several uprisings in Africa pre 1914, including two Samoan Civil Wars between 1887 and 1894. Hitler also sent troops to the Spanish Civil War to help Spanish rebels.

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