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Hitler knew that the Soviet Union troops were entering into Germany and were heading close to his bunker in Berlin. Hitler was told that he should try to escape, Hitler rejected because he heard rumors that if the Russians caught him they would put him in a big cage and drag him around like an animal. Hitler decided that committing suicide would spare him the humiliation. So he asked Eva Braun to marry him and asked her to commit suicide. Eva agreed because she thought that she couldn't live without Hitler, So Hitler and Eva took sleeping pills and Hitler also shot himself. In Hitler's will he ordered his body be cremated and barried well so that the Russians couldn't get him.

Hitler ordered Eva to kill herself. so the others would not get her as well because she would be in troble to.

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What Law and Order episode is Nicholas Braun in?

Nicholas Braun appears in the 2002, 'Surveillance' episode of Law and Order SVU.

Why is Hitler important today?

Hitler himself isn't so much important today, but what is important is to remember what Hitler did in overseeing and orchestrating the genocide of Jews and being responsible for the death of millions of people in order to prevent something like that happening again.

How do we know the extermination of the Jews by Hitler was supposed to remain top secret information?

We know that because no written orders were recorded, in fact the closest we have to a written order for the extermination of the Jews did not come from Hitler himself, but from Goering.

Why did Hitler order the west wall to be built?

What wall? Hitler did not order a wall to be built, that was at the beginning of the Cold War, long after Hitler was dead.

Was Hitler Out Of Order?


Did Hitler enjoy killing Jews?

Hitler didnt kill any, he order to....

What events do you need to do and what order to get the Hitler zombie in black ops?

There is no Hitler zombie.

Who did Hitler kill in his family?

In order to answer the question ''Who did Hitler kill in his family?'' one has to include his involvement and influence on ''members of his family'' who have died as a direct result of him. Most would know of the story of Ewa Braun in the bunker in May 1945, she became Hitler's wife just hours before both of them committed suicide as the Third Reich collapsed around them. Prior to their own suicides Hitler had tested the effectiveness of the poison 'cyanide' on his loyal dog, an Alsatian name Blondie who was also considered a member of ''his family''. A lesser well known incident is that of a previous relationship involving a family member and Hitler. Prior to Hitler becoming Chancellor and then Fuhrer of Germany in the 1930's he was involved in relationship which led to yet another suicide as a direct result of his relationship with his niece Geli Raubal. In 1928 Hitler had asked his half sister Angela Raubal to become his housekeeper, she agreed taking over the post and moved in along with her 20 year old daughter Geli. It was soon rumoured that Hitler and Geli were having an affair which turned out to be fact, despite attempts to hide the liasons. The relationship was volatile and Hitler was possessive of Geli who was 20 years his junior. Following an argument after Geli discovered that Hitler had been taking another young woman, Ewa Braun out in his car, Geli shot herself in the chest and died. The above are all considered as ''family'' of Hitler and could be interpreted as having his involvement in their deaths.

Why was Hitler considered a racist?

Hitler hated and despised the Jewish people, and had them rounded up, took away their homes, businesses, expensive artwork, gold teeth, and so forth. Then he ordered that they be sent to concentration camps where they died from poison gas, starvation, and firing squad. Hitler gave orders to his SS soldiers to kill any Jewish person on sight. Later, the entire army was given that same order. We think that all this made Hitler a supreme racist !

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While in the war in Holocaust what did Hitler do?

Hitler left the "Final Solution"to his Generals and others - he wanted to concentrate more on the war than on the Jewish problem. Order were never given to eliminate all Jews but EVERYBODY knew that is what Hitler wanted. At first they were simply shot or stabbed. But poison gas agents such as carbon monoxide and Zyklon B were extensively used against civilians in extermination camps - because it was cheap to produce and very deadly.

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Was Adolf Hitler awarded the Pour le Merite Order?

No, he was not.

Did Adolf Hitler give a direct order of genocide?


Can you cook a poisonous mushroom in order to eat it safely?

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Why did Hitler order Kristallnacht?

Hitler ordered Kristallnacht as an excuse to get rid of Jews, or capture Jews that had been individually selected to be arrested.

When did Adolf Hitler order Nazi troops to occupy Austria?


What was happening to the Jews in nazi Germany?

Eventually they were murdered by the order of Hitler.

Why did Hitler order the killings in the Holocaust?

He was prejudiced. Hitler ordered the killings because he believed that the Jews were his enemies. His powerful enemies, who were bent on destroying him.

What area Hitler demanded and was given in northwest Czechoslovakia?

Hitler demanded Sudentenland, a part of Czechoslovakia, in order to protect the German-speaking people there.

What did Hitler have with Odin?

Not much in common one was a god , the other a deluded tyrant , Hitler banned and persecuted the thule order which was nominaly Odinist.

What is the name of the treaty which Hitler made with russia in order to buy himself some time before ww2?

The German-Soviet Non-aggression Pact or the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, after the men who drafted it. The Pact wasn't made to buy time for just Hitler, but for Russia as well. It also defined how the dictators would split Poland.

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Did Hitler order the killing of the Jews?

Yes, he did. Even though Hitler never wrote down the orders he gave to kill the Jews it is agreed today by historians that Hitler was the architect of the Holocaust and the killing of the Jews.