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because the Russian and English forces were attacking the Riechstag which was his stronghold. Also They pushed through it and pressurised him to commit suicide.

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Q: Why did Hitler lose the war?
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Where was Hitler during the war?

he knew germany was goin to lose the war

To who did Hitler lose the war?

Russsia in world 2 because they gave up but they knew they were going to lose the war in world war2

What did Hitler lose his power?

by losing the war and he was pressure so he comitted sucide

Who did Hitler lose to before he killed himself?

He lost World War 2.

What did Hitler lose making him kill himself?

He lost Word War 2.

What led Hitler to commiting suicide?

The fact that Germany was going to lose the war and that Hitler did not want to surrender or be captured was what led him to committing suicide.

How did Hitler lose his power?

Hitler and the Nazi party lost power because they were defeated in the Second World War. Faced with inevitable capture, Hitler shot his family and himself.

Why did Adolf Hitler kill so many Jews?

Adolf Hitler hated the Jews because when he was part of World War 1, he thinks that the Jews were the ones that made them lose the war.

How did Germany lose the war?

because Hitler blew his brains out, so the German army surrendered not not

How did WW2 end for Hitler?

It ended for him with him realizing that Germany was going to lose the war and him committing suicide.

What problems did Hitler blame the Jewish Germans for?

Main one is the German lose of the great war.

In World War 2 did hitler kill him self and why?

Yes, he killed himself. Germany was going to lose the war within a few days. Hitler had seen what happened to Mussolini in Italy when Italy had lost (he was killed).

True or false Hitler thought the German people deserve to lose world War 1?

probably false

When did Hitler lose his leg?

Hitler never lost his leg.

What was Eva braun role in the war?

She was Adolf Hitler's mistress. She killed herself along side of Hitler when he did when it was evident that the Germans were going to lose the war.

What did Denmark lose after world war 2?

Denmark lost a lot of it's Jewish population thanks to Adolf Hitler.

Did Hitler commit suicide because of drugs?

No, he committed suicide because he realised Germany was going to lose the war and that he was responsible for it.

Was communism to blame for the end of WW1?

Not really because Hitler thinks that it was the communist's fault for making Germany lose the the war.

Why and when did Hitler go to war?

Hitler went to war yesterday

What war was Hitler in charge of Germany?

World War II was the war Hitler started.

Did World War 2 lose?

How can a war lose? you can lose a war or someone can win but a war its self can't lose.

What war did Hitler start?

Hitler stared world war 2

Who did Hitler lose elections to?

Paul Von Hindenburg, Hitler lost though

How maney world wars did Hitler win?

Well, first of all, there were only two World Wars In the second World War Hitler was the head of Germany and took over much of Europe and some of Africa but was defeated by the Allied forces. Hitler did serve as a soldier in World War One, but Austria (Hitler was an Austrian by birth) did lose that war too. So, he didn't win any World Wars

How did Hitler start the war?

Hitler started the war by invading the countries and declaring war on others.