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Hitler took considerable risks in moving into Rhineland. There was a good chance that France would send troops to resist the German forces and this would mean war.

The first troops to enter Rhineland were ordered to retreat if they met french resistance. Hitler real aim was to unite Austria with Germany because he believed that Germany and Austria were one country.

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Q: Why did Hitler send his troops into the Rhineland?
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When did Hitler send his troops into the Rhineland?

March 7, 1936

How many troops did Hitler send to the Rhineland?

37,000 soldiers and police

What date in 1936 did Hitler send his troops into the Rhineland?

March 7th 1936

How Did Hitler Remillitarize The Rhineland?

He send troops to the Rhineland and reconquered it and then he re-militarize it because of they were worried that the french would try to reconquer it

Which action by Adolf Hitler demonstrated the weakness of the league of nation?

Hitler's decision to send troops into the Rhineland

Which action by adolf hitler demonstrated the weakness of the League of Nations?

Hitler's decision to send troops into the Rhineland

Did Hitler send troops to the future?

Hitler did not send troops to the future.

Where did Hitler send the troops before World War 2?

Hitler first sent troops to: Occupy the Rhineland Auchess with Austria Annex Czechoslovakia & Invade Poland (Which Started World War Two)

What defied the Treaty of Versaillies by sending troops into the Rhineland?

adolf hitler

Why was Germany reoccupation of the Rhine land a significant turning point toward war?

It was against the Versailles Treaty. The Rhineland was suppose to be a demilitarized zone with no German troops. Hitler chanced putting troops into the Rhineland but fear an attack from France. He would send around 32,000 troops to be stationed in the Rhineland, to be ready if France would attack but no such thing happened. France would appease Hitler, allowing him to break the Versailles Treaty.

What happened after Hitler sent troops into Rhineland?

Absolutely nothing, no resistance and no response.

What aggressive action did Adolf Hitler take that directly challenged the league of nations?

Hitler sent troops into the Rhineland.

What aggressive action-did adolf Hitler take that directly challenged the league of nations?

Hitler sent troops into the Rhineland.

Did Germany take over Rhineland?

Rhineland was soverign territory of Germany since German unification. But Rhineland was a demilitaized zone after WW1, but Hitler was quick to move troops in the area again.

How did Hitler gain control of the rhineland?

In 1936, Hitler decided to take reoccupy the Rhineland. It was very risky as Germany still had a weak army. France had just signed an agreement with the USSR to protect each other against an attck from Germany. Hitler used this to claim that Germany was under threat and that he should be allowed to place troops on his own frontier. He moved his troops to the Rhineland . However, France did not act against this and Hitler took full control of the Rhineland.

What aggressive action did Hitler take that directly challenged the league of nations?

He sent troops into the Rhineland

What was the 1936 German occupation of the Rhineland met by?

The 1936 German occupation of the Rhineland was met by Hitler's troops. Hitler created the reoccupation of the Rhineland military forces to build up his own army.

When did Hitler invade the Rhineland?

There was no rhineland

Was the Rhineland occupied by allied troops after World War 1?

It was demilitarised until March 1936 when Hitler cautiously moved his troops in. The allies did nothing in return and his troops remained.

Why wasn't Hitler allowed to send troops to rhineland?

The Treaty of Versailles after WWI disallowed it in attempt to keep Germany weak and manageable. France feared a military build-up in the Rhineland was a threat to its existence, especially if Germany ever decided to exact revenge for the Great War.

Why did Hitler send troops to Czechoslovakia?

To expand Germany.

Where did Hitler send the troops to challenge peace of Europe?


Why did Hitler send troops into Rhineland?

Hitler probably wanted to see how far he could go. France and Britain were to afraid to confront him about anything he did and were avoiding conflict at all costs. They appeased to Hitler, and he no longer thought that they were going to confront him about anything. He probably wanted to see what they would do when he did something that they had forbidden him to do in the treaty of Versilles.

When did German occupation of the rhineland?

Germans have occupied the Rhineland for a considerable length of time! I suspect that the question should be "When did Germany remilitarize the Rhineland?", the answer being 1936. The Rhineland had been made into a demilitarised zone after the Great War, under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, 1919. Germany had political control of this area, but was not allowed to put any troops into it. In 1936, Hitler ordered troops to re-enter the Rhineland, thus breaking the terms of the treaty.

Why did Hitler rearm Rhineland?

In 1935, Hitler decided to Rearm the Rhineland because they were slowly preparing to take over Europe.