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Hitler took over Austria in 1938 because many links were shared between Germany. He created an 'Anschluss' with Austria. Hitler also was born in Austria and this made him want Austria. Hitler also had the idea of 'Lebensraum' or Living room/space in which he gelt was needed, so he took Austria. Austria did not really mind this as it had economic problems within from being separated from Germany previously.

If you are in PA Cyber it is because Hitler believed in uniting the German-speaking peoples of Europe. And that can be found on page 828 of your textbook... =D

Also, he tried to take over Austria in 1934 but was stopped by Mussolini. When Hitler allied with him, he was able to take over Austria without interference! (Sarah)

Austrians are Ethnic Germans.

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Q: Why did Hitler take over Austria?
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Did Hitler take over Austria?

Yes, He did :)

Explain why Hitler was able to take over Austria and Czechoslovakia?

Hitler was able to take over Austria by rearmament and reoccupation of Rhineland and incorporation of Austria. He dismembered the Czech army and occupied with Czechoslovakia with speed and efficiency.

Did Hitler take over Australia?

No, he took over Austria.

What country did Hitler take over first?


When did Hitler take over austria and czechoslavakia?


Why did Hitler take over Austria and Czechoslovakia?

Wanted to expand germany

How did Hitler manage to take over Austria?

He anexed Austria because they all speak German and he claimed they were all Germans.

How was Hitler able to take over Austria and Czechoslovakia?

Due to the Munich Treaty (1938).

When did the Germans take over Austria?

In 1938, Hitler and Germany assumed power over Austria. (March 12, 1938) Austria was part of Germany until 1866. Germany and Austria were allies in World War I, and in World War II, Hitler formed an 'Anschluss', or pact, giving over power of Austria to him, so technically Austria was never invaded by Germany, because they were allied with Germany.

When did Germany fight Austria in World War 2?

They didn't, adolf Hitler was born in Austria, so when he decided to take over Austria he took it over with practically no fighting, they gave it to him so he can use it as living space

How did Hitler take over Austria without a fight?

Nazism was enormously popular in Austria at the time, and Hitler was welcomed with delirious applause in Linz and Vienna - applause that made even the Nuremberg rallies seem tame.

What countries did Hitler take-over?

he took over many places, some were Checkslovakia, Poland, Austria and many many more.

What Actions Adolf Hitler took as dictator prior to World War 2?

The take over of Austria Hungary.

Why did Germany take over Austria-Hungary during ww2?

Hitler took over Hungary Austria in 1938.Answer 2:Germany NEVER took over Austria-Hungary.First, Austria-Hungary fell apart 1918 at the end of WW1. And then Austria wasn't taken over, it was annexed in 1938.

Where did Hitler Youth take place?

Hitler's youth took place in Austria.

How did Germany take over Austria?

Germany tried to take over Austria almost as soon as he came to power, and had the Austrian (leader) Dolfuss, murdered. He then tried again in March of 1938. Hitler told the SS or SA to put pressure on Austria by parading through the streets of Austria demonstrating how good Germany is and how Austria should accept to the Anschluss 'Union' between Austria and Germany. These men were also violent and the Austrian police were struggling to control the violence and corruption. Then Hitler said something along the lines of: ''You seem to be having trouble, put my man in charge of the police force and he will sort everything out.'' The Austrian police were reluctant but Hitler had one of his raging furies at the new Austrian prime-minister and he gave up to Hitler. Hitler was so confident that he called a plebiscite 'vote' in which he cheated when German officials counted the votes, Hitler claimed that 99.75% of Austrian voters voted for the 'Anschluss' between Germany and Austria to be conducted. Hitler now had full power over Austria, had control over the whole Austrian army, and economic supplies such as iron and steel.

When did Hitler take austria?

In March 1938.

What countries in Europe did Hitler take over?

Hitler annexed Russia, France and England and then in September of 1939 Poland, Austria and the Rhineland lost patience with his advances and declared war on Hitler, starting the Second World War

Which country did Hitler take control of first?


How did Hitler's government take control of Austria?


What country did Hitler take unopposed?

Czekoslovakia and Austria.

How long did it take Hitler to take over all the countries in World War 2?

Hitlers conquests last from 1936 to 1941 (Austria first, Russia last)

Which country did Adolf Hitler take over first in world war 2?

Austria. but not by force. The first country he took by force was Poland.

Adolf was born in Germany?

Hitler I take it. Was born in Austria

What was the German speaking nation taken over by Hitler in 1938?