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Why did Ireland remain netural in world war 2?


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Because Ireland was not apart of England which the Germans never got to the point in World War 2.

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To remain netural in world is not to take sides in war.

Ireland chose to be neutral and stuck to that policy during World War II, and it is still a neutral country.

Ireland was neutral in World War 2.

Ireland was one of the few countries which managed to remain neutral during World War 2. Some Irish sided with the Nazis, but many more joined the Allies despite any difference they might have had with the British.

The last census of Ireland before World War I was in 1911. The population of Ireland then was 3,139,688.

No. Ireland was neutral during the second world war.

Ireland was part of the British Empire during World War I so was technically part of the war, though many people did not support it while others joined the British Army. Ireland was neutral during World War II.

Eire (the Republic of Ireland) did not fight in World War 2. Northern Ireland, as a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland fought on the Allied side.

Ireland was a neutral country in World War 2. So it was not directly involved in the war and did not invade any countries.

Belfast is in Northern Ireland, which, as it is part of the UK, was in World War 2.Northern Ireland did not, however, have conscription, even though Great Britain did.

In what ways did the US remain undecided about which side to support in world war 1?

No, Germany invaded Poland. Ireland was not even in the war; they were neutral.

In World War 1, America tried to remain neutral.

There is no answer to this question. Northern Ireland did not exist until 1922, 4 years after the end of World War I.

Dublin was bombed just once. Nobody seems to know why but the theory is that it was a warning to remain neutral during hostilities.

Northern ireland,especially Belfast.

No. Ireland was neutral during World War II.

Many of the Neutral Colonists in the village did not want to go to war against the king and Great Britain.

nobody because there was no war that involved the Swiss they are netural and have no army.

They entered the war in 3333

What does 'lights over Ireland' mean?

nothing really, it didnt effect Ireland at all!

Because Ireland was and still is a neutral country.

Sweden was neutral during World War I. In addition, it was able to remain officially neutral throughout World War II.

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